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Passenger Dead After Fall From “Party Bus” In Virginia

On other pages of this web site, we have discussed the safety issues that seem to plague the “party bus” and “stretch limousine” businesses. In this post, we are sad to report that a party bus accident in Norfolk, VA has claimed yet another life. According to a press release issued by the Virginia State Police, 37-year-old Kisha Latrice Marrow-Lott of Hampton, VA was aboard a rented “party bus” in the early morning of October 27, 2018 as a member…

Small Contractors and Scaffolding Accidents

Read more from our team of experienced scaffolding lawyers about how
common scaffolding accidents can occur. These accidents can be tragic and deadly.

Twenty Dead in Upstate New York “Party Bus” Crash

Vehicle had a history of safety issues that should have kept it off the road Twenty Albany, NY-area residents are dead following an October 6, 2018 “party bus” accident in Upstate New York near the town of Schoharie. According to police the dead include the vehicle’s driver, 17 passengers, and two pedestrians who were crossing a parking lot when they were struck by the out of control vehicle. Witnesses reported that the vehicle was initially traveling south on New York…

Amazon Flex Delivery Accidents Upend Lives of Innocent Victims

Unless you have lived in a cave for the past decade, you are apt to hear something about Amazon every day. Indeed, if you are like a significant portion of the U.S. population, you likely transact business with the retail behemoth that is Amazon on a fairly regular basis. While Amazon provides consumers with tremendous shopping options, the company’s delivery system puts people at risk of Amazon delivery vehicle accidents. What is certain is that you are on public roadways…

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