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Two Workers Crushed at Minnesota Construction Site Accident

Investigation is underway regarding a fatal Minnesota construction site accident, a catastrophic incident that occurred in Harvey Township in Meeker County. Harvey Township is located just over an hour from Minneapolis. The construction site where the late-morning accident occurred is located in the 31700 block of Highway 22. According to the Meeker County Sheriff’s Office, preliminary investigation confirms that a stabilizing platform designed to support a concrete boom truck gave way. The collapse of the stabilizing platform caused the boom…

Number Two Official in Pentagon Accused of Sexual Harassment and Assault

Over the course of the past five years, powerful men in politics and the entertainment industry have been found to have sexually victimized their subordinates. Major scandals involving men like Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, Roger Ailes, and many others understandably captured headlines around the world. Conduct exemplified by these predators gave rise to what became the #MeToo movement. Yet another powerful man has been outed as the apparent perpetrator of sexual harassment and sexual assault. In this case, the number…

Fatal Texas Automobile-Pedestrian Accidents Increase Dramatically

Fatal automobile-pedestrian accidents have seen a sharp increase throughout the Lone Star State, according to the Texas Department of Transportation. The Department of Transportation also reports that there has been a notable increase in the rate of fatal automobile-bicyclist accidents in the state as well. In 2019, pedestrian deaths accounted for one in five of the state’s traffic-related deaths. Approximately 700 pedestrians were killed in accidents involving automobiles. Another 1,300 people were injured in automobile-pedestrian accidents. The death rate in…

Ackerly, Texas, Gin Explosion Injuries Three and Shuts Down Facility for a Year

What has been described as a catastrophic explosion occurred at the Flower Grove Co-Op Gin on Thursday morning, October 15, 2020. The cotton gin is located just outside of Ackerly, Texas. Three workers were injured in the devastating blast, all taken to a medical center for burns and other injuries. One of the blast victims was fortunate to have sustained less serious burns. The same cannot be said about two of the employees. A pair of Flower Grove Co-Op Gin…

Huge Blast Rocks Harrisonburg, Virginia, Saturday Morning

Located in the scenic, bucolic, and placid Shenandoah Valley, the 55,000-resident city of Harrisonburg, Virginia was rocked by a massive explosion in its downtown corridor Saturday morning. The initial explosion occurred in a two-story commercial building in the city center, causing a blaze that quickly spread to a pair of other buildings. As of noon on Saturday, at least three people were injured in the commercial building explosion and taken to a local hospital. Two of these injured individuals are…

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