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Class Action and Mass Tort Lawsuits

Class Action and Mass Tort Lawsuits Everyone has seen the “lawyer ads” that urge you to contact a toll-free number if you have been injured by using some particular product or medical device. But did you know that many of the lawsuits filed in such cases are classified as either class action or mass tort lawsuits rather than as individual personal injury lawsuits? In today’s post the class action/mass tort lawyer at The Doan Law Firm will explain the similarities…

What are Cancer Clusters?

“Cancer Clusters” are cancers that develop within limited geographic areas and involve more victims than can be explained by purely random disease development. In many cases, such clusters are due to exposure to some environmental toxin. This post explains how both the medical and legal communities investigate such unusual disease occurrence patterns.

GE Healthcare Vital Signs Device Recalled

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced earlier this month that it has notified healthcare professionals of a Class I recall of the GE Healthcare Vital Signs Hygroscopic Condenser Humidifier Passive Humidification Device for Vital Signs Anesthesia Breathing Circuits. The Class I recall, the FDA’s most serious, confirms the concerns the FDA has about the product, which is sold as a part of the Vital Signs anesthesia breathing circuit and is used to maintain moisture in the patient’s airway during…

Man Rescued After 300-Foot Fall In Crater Lake National Park

Eric Brimlow, 27, of Syracuse, New York, fell from the rim of the Crater Lake caldera in Crater Lake National Park after venturing beyond a barrier wall at Sinnott Memorial overlook. Reports say he had jumped from a walkway onto a snow bank, then slid down several hundred feet of steep terrain, coming to rest at the base of a tree 300 feet below the rim. Rangers immediately sent rescue equipment to him, hoisting him first to a small ledge,…

Austin Hotel Closed After Another Falling Glass Accident

Austin’s W Hotel closed after glass fell from balcony panels of the building the second straight day and the third time in the past few weeks, reports say. The hotel was closed as the glass panels were replaced, and guests of the hotel were being relocated to other hotels. The company that operates the W, ” Stratus Properties, is planning on replacing every piece of balcony glass on the building, reports say. Ironically, the glass fell from the balcony the…

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