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Update on the Boeing 737 MAX Aviation Disasters

Government Missteps and Lack of Corporate Transparency Endanger the Flying Public One year ago, a Boeing 737 MAX jet crashed during a domestic flight in Indonesia. The Lion Air flight crashed 13 minutes after takeoff, taking all 189 passengers and crew members to their graves. The catastrophic crash was the first major incident involving Boeing’s 737 MAX, which began commercial flight in 2017. It was the deadliest crash ever involving a 737 aircraft of any type. Initial investigations into the…

Scary Halloween Statistics: Frightening Facts About Halloween 2019 and Your Children

Halloween is one of the most popular holidays in the United States. Halloween is particularly enjoyed by children, including kids who like to venture out and about to trick-or-treat. If you’re the parents of children who plan on trick-or-treating for Halloween 2019, there are some scary statistics, a set of frightening facts, that you will want to bear in mind as you get your kids ready for the big night. Indeed, about 41 million children will be on the sidewalks…

California Wildfire Lawsuits

California Wildfire Lawsuits Last year, California’s Camp Fire killed 85 people and destroyed an estimated $16.5 billion in private and business property. According to most estimates, as much as $4 billion of those property losses were uninsured. It was later determined that the fire was caused when sparks from a downed power line belonging to Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) ignited dry underbrush. With high winds being forecast to last at least until Monday evening, the state is bracing for…

When a Haunted House Becomes Too Real: Haunted House Injuries Tarnish Halloween Revelry

Across the United States there are about 1,500 commercial haunted houses in operation during the Halloween season each year. On top of that, approximately 3,000 more haunted venues are run by charities in October. Tens of thousands of people of all ages and from all walks of life flock to haunted houses every year to celebrate the days around All Hallows’ Eve. Unfortunately, hundreds of people are injured at haunted houses every year, sometimes seriously so and oftentimes because of…

Ohio University Launches Campus-Wide Fraternity Hazing Crackdown

Ohio University Launches Campus-Wide Fraternity Hazing Crackdown Here at The Doan Law Firm, we routinely monitor the national news media for reports describing how colleges and universities respond to reports of on-campus hazing incidents. In today’s post, we are pleased to note that another school has chosen to take drastic action to curb irresponsible activities by its student organizations. Unfortunately, that action has come too late for one freshman and his family. Ohio University has suspended all fraternities that are…

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