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Dangers of Working on an Oil Rig

Oil rigs, whether on land or offshore, present significant dangers for those tasked with their operation. Even though oil rig workers can make good money, the dangers are very real. Oil rig workers are exposed to incredibly hazardous conditions and elements, and injuries can be severe. Most Common Hazards Facing Oil Rig Workers studies available from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicate that the oil and gas extraction industry “faces unique safety and health hazards and…

Remains of Four Killed in Oil Rig Helicopter Crash Finally Recovered

The remains of all for people onboard a Gulf oil rig helicopter have been recovered after a search and rescue operation was suspended by the United States Coast Guard. The occupants of the helicopter that crashed into the Gulf after taking off from an oil rig platform included three workers and the pilot. A joint announcement about the recovery was made by the three primary companies involved in this particular exploration and production operation: Walter Oil & Gas Corporation, the…

Four Remain Missing at Sea After Houston Walter Oil & Gas Corporation Helicopter Crash

Three Walter Oil & Gas Corporation oil rig crew members and a pilot appear to have lost their lives in a tragic helicopter crash during the last week of 2022. The helicopter was transporting the crew members to Louisiana from the Gulf of Mexico oil rig, the accident occurring about 10 miles offshore. The cause of the accident is not yet known. Weather has been ruled out as a cause, however. It is beginning to look like some type of…

Four Missing and Presumed Dead Following Crash of Helicopter Departing Oil Rig Platform

Three Crew Members Onboard have Ties to Houston Walter Oil & Gas Corporation 2022 ended in tragedy when a helicopter carrying its pilot and three oil workers with ties to a Houston company crashed into the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Louisiana when lifting away from a rig platform. The crash occurred on Thursday, December 29, with the U.S. Coast Guard immediately initiating a search and rescue operation. The search was suspended Thursday night and it is unclear as…

Dead Zones USA:

Top Cancerous Air Pollution Areas in the United States An extensive analysis has identified over 1,000 communities in the United States that are classified as hotspots for carcinogenic or cancer-causing air pollution. These sites suffer from carcinogenic air pollution as the result of leaks from industrial facilities of different types. There are some key facts derived from the dead zone report: Five of the top 20 carcinogenic hot spots in the country are located in the state of Texas Three…

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