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Husky Superior Refinery Explosion Caused $27M in Damages and $53M in Repairs, Other Expenses

Wisconsin’s only oil refinery not expected to resume full operations until 2020 Calgary, Alberta-based Husky Energy has stated that it does not expect its Superior WI unit, the site of an April fire and explosion, to resume normal operations for at least 18 to 24 months, which would place the restart at between January and July 2020 at the earliest. Initial estimates indicate that that repairs and site cleanup following the April fire and explosion at the only oil refinery…

NJ University Bans All “Greek Life,” Florida State Fraternity Hit with Lawsuit

Tau Kappa Epsilon, Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternities again kicked off campuses As we have previously reported on this website, many college fraternities seem to routinely snub their collective “Animal House” noses at both their host institutions and state law. In today’s post, the fraternity hazing lawyer at the Doan Law Firm presents two recent examples of how college fraternities continue to pose a significant risk to the safety of their members and pledges. Monmouth (NJ) University suspends all campus fraternities…

Explosions, Fires Rip Through Boston Suburbs in Essex County

A series of explosions and fires, believed to have involved at least one natural gas leak, tore through the Boston suburbs of Lawrence, Andover and North Andover late Thursday afternoon. Initial, unconfirmed, reports stated that an “overpressure” situation with a gas line may have started a chain reaction of explosions and subsequent fires. In an overpressure accident one gas line will rupture, usually after being damaged during earlier construction work. Once that rupture occurs, automatic safety valves will shut down…

New York City Construction Accidents Shoot Upward in First Half of 2018

The New York City Mayor, and Department of Buildings, presented good news in the summer of 2018. They were able to report that there is something of a building boom in the Big Apple. Between January and May of 2018, new construction across all five boroughs topped $15 billion. This outpaced all other cities in the United States. Injuries and Fatalities at NYC Construction Sites Increase Dramatically Between 2017 and 2018 Sadly, all news was not good when it comes…

Devastating New Mexico Bus Crash: Investigation into Causes Continues

A week after the catastrophic New Mexico bus crash, a bit of good news is reported. One of the harrowing aspects of the semi-truck and passenger bus crash surrounded the injuries sustained by a woman on the bus who was pregnant with twins. The mother-to-be sustained serious injuries which necessitated the delivery of the babies in their seventh month. Although in the neo-natal ICU, the twins appear to be on course to release from the intensive care unit in the…

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