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Texas Drunk Driving Deaths on the Rise

The Texas Department of Transportation reports that drunk driving deaths in the Lone Star State are on the upswing. According to the Department, last year in Texas an alarming 963 lost their lives in drunk driving accidents. 2,114 people were seriously injured in drunk driving accidents. A considerable percentage of these killed and seriously injured people were innocent victims of a drunk driver rather than the intoxicated motorist. One Texan dies about every nine hours in an alcohol-related motor vehicle…

Wicked Weather Contributes to 26-Vehicle Austin Car Accident, Five Hospitalized

Extreme weather that hit the Lone Star State resulted in a pair of major pileups on Texas roadways Thursday, February 11, 2021. The first was a 100-car-plus mashup on an Texas Highway 45 in Fort Worth. The second was a 26-car pileup in Austin. As of Thursday afternoon, five people were hospitalized as a result of the Austin car accident. Witnesses to the Austin car accident described the incident as what oftentimes is called a domino effect collision. A vehicle…

Fatal Texas Automobile-Pedestrian Accidents Increase Dramatically

Fatal automobile-pedestrian accidents have seen a sharp increase throughout the Lone Star State, according to the Texas Department of Transportation. The Department of Transportation also reports that there has been a notable increase in the rate of fatal automobile-bicyclist accidents in the state as well. In 2019, pedestrian deaths accounted for one in five of the state’s traffic-related deaths. Approximately 700 pedestrians were killed in accidents involving automobiles. Another 1,300 people were injured in automobile-pedestrian accidents. The death rate in…

Seven Mistakes to Avoid Following an Automobile Accident

Seven Mistakes to Avoid Following an Automobile Accident Tens of thousands of people killed in automobile accidents in the United States each year. Many, many more people are injured in car accidents annually, including many individuals who sustain serious, life-altering injuries. A considerable majority of these accidents occur as the result of negligence. Odds are the day will come when you will be involved in some type of automobile accident. Hopefully, you will avoid sever injuries and major losses. With…

Life in Quarantine: Auto Accidents Down, Kitchen Burn Injuries Up

Life in Quarantine: Auto Accidents Down, Kitchen Burn Injuries Up Life for nearly all Americans is markedly different during the COVID-19 pandemic is significantly different than what existed at the beginning of 2020. One interesting development is that motor vehicle accidents have significantly decreased since the stay at home policies have been put in place across the country. The decline has been so significant that some automobile insurance companies have issued or will be issuing premium rebates to customers. While…

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