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Wicked Weather Contributes to 26-Vehicle Austin Car Accident, Five Hospitalized

Extreme weather that hit the Lone Star State resulted in a pair of major pileups on Texas roadways Thursday, February 11, 2021. The first was a 100-car-plus mashup on an Texas Highway 45 in Fort Worth. The second was a 26-car pileup in Austin. As of Thursday afternoon, five people were hospitalized as a result of the Austin car accident.

Witnesses to the Austin car accident described the incident as what oftentimes is called a domino effect collision. A vehicle or two lost control on the highly slippery roadway, causing a chain reaction collision involving other vehicles on the highway. No specific information has been released regarding the full spectrum of factors that may have contributed to the multi-car collision. Emergency personnel at the scene have made it clear that significantly inclement weather conditions were at least a contributing factor if not the primary cause of the multi-car highway accident.

 As mentioned previously, five people were taken to area hospitals. No information has been released regarding the condition of any of these injured individuals. As of Thursday afternoon, there were no reports of any fatalities at the Austin car accident.

An arial view of the Austin car accident reveals that the collision primarily involved passenger cars. A few SUVs were involved in the mashup mix, together with one pickup truck. A passenger appears to have slid underneath the rear of the pickup truck. When emergency personnel arrived at the scene, the rear of the pickup truck was on top of the front of a passenger car.

No semi-trucks were involved in the Austin car accident. Oftentimes in multi-vehicle wintertime car accidents at lease one if not more semis are involved in the incident. The Fort Worth highway accident that occurred earlier in the day is a prime example. Over 100 vehicles were involved in the Fort Worth highway accident, at least a dozen of them being semi-trucks.

At least five people were killed in the Fort Worth highway accident, with officials believing that the number of deceased individuals is likely to increase. Over three dozen injured people were taken to area hospitals, including individuals who are now listed in critical condition.

Harsh weather is expected to continue in north and central Texas through at least the weekend. The weather is an extension of the Polar Vortex, a dramatic weather situation impacted much of the country.

In the aftermath of the Fort Worth highway accident and the Austin vehicle pileup, officials with the Texas Department of Transportation announced that they had been trying to take proactive steps to prepare for the anticipated adverse roadway conditions beginning Thursday and likely extending through the weekend. These efforts were said to include pretreating bridges and overpasses on major roadways in and around Austin overnight between Wednesday evening and Thursday morning.

The Texas Department of Transportation reminded motorists that particular caution must be taken when driving on bridges and overpasses. These elevated roadways are the first to freeze and likely to remain in dangerous conditions even as other roadways begin to experience some relief form the cold and ice. The Austin car accident did occur on an overpass.

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