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How Skin Grafts Are Used to Treat Serious Burn Injuries

When you suffer a burn, it is a challenge to heal it. First-degree burns can sometimes heal independently. Other burns will require medical attention, such as skin grafts. After a burn, the skin can make new skin cells to replace damaged tissue. Severe burns need additional help to heal. Skin grafts can help minor or severe burns. These procedures are painful and costly. You must discuss your compensation options with a Houston burn injury lawyer at The Doan Law Firm…

What Types of Burn Injuries Can a Car Accident Cause?

Fires can happen in many ways. While uncommon, they can occur after a car accident. The American Burn Association reports 480,000 burn injuries annually, requiring emergency treatment. Many burn injuries happen from electrical, chemical, or fire flame incidents. You can survive a burn, but it will leave long-lasting impacts. You can suffer permanent scarring or disability from these burns. Treatment for burns is excruciating and costly. Talk to a Houston burn injury lawyer from The Doan Law Firm PLLC for…

What is Nerve Damage & How Does it Occur?

Nerve damage happens after an injury. These injuries are usually catastrophic. Victims often experience nerve damage in arms, hands, or feet, but it can happen anywhere. When a person suffers nerve damage, the brain stops sending signals to that part of the body. The other party should be liable when it is the cause of negligence. Discuss your options with a Houston personal injury attorney from The Doan Law Firm PLLC today.   How Nerve Damage Occurs An accident or surgery…

One Killed, Four Injured in Nebraska Ethanol Plant Explosion

One worker died and four others were injured in an explosion at an ethanol plant in eastern Nebraska. The explosion was reported Monday afternoon at a Green Plains ethanol plant in Wood River, which is about 160 miles west of Omaha. The Nebraska State Fire Marshal Agency said firefighters found a liquid holding tank that had been damaged in the explosion at the plant, which makes the highly flammable fuel additive. There was no fire when they arrived. One worker…

What is Modified Comparative Negligence in Texas?

Some car accidents are straightforward with fault and negligence. However, some are not. Texas has modified comparative laws which impact your accident claim. With comparative negligence, you can have a lower settlement because some fault is placed on you. Insurance companies are notorious for using these laws to lower valid claims. Our Houston personal injury lawyers at The Doan Law Firm PLLC know how to fight back.  What is Negligence? It is vital to understand what negligence is before you…

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