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Amazon Trucks Are Frequently Involved in Deadly Collisions

As the world’s largest online retailer, Amazon has become a household name synonymous with convenience and an impressive range of products delivered right to your doorstep. In recent years, the company has seen an exponential expansion in its delivery operations, scaling up to meet the ever-growing consumer demand. However, an unintended and chilling consequence has begun to emerge from this rapid growth: a significant increase in fatal traffic accidents involving Amazon delivery trucks. This unsettling trend has raised important questions…

18-Year-Old Killed Amazon Delivery Truck Accident

A yet to be identified 18-year-old young man was killed in a New York City Amazon delivery truck accident. The teenager was riding an electric Citi Bike. It appears he was in an appropriate lane traffic and made a legally permissible left turn from First Avenue onto 17th Street in the Grammercy neighborhood on Friday afternoon. As he was making what appear to have been a lawful turn, an Amazon delivery truck struck and killed the cyclist. Investigation Commenced into…

7 Reasons Why Amazon Demands on Drivers Heighten Risk of Deadly Accidents

Amazon is a company that has revolutionized the retail industry with its technological innovations and customer-centric approach. However, the company has been in the news lately for the wrong reasons. There have been numerous reports of serious and even deadly Amazon delivery truck accidents across the United States. In light of these Amazon delivery truck accidents, evidence indicates that Amazon puts pressure on its delivery drivers to meet tight schedules, making them vulnerable to accidents that can have fatal consequences….

Injuries and Deaths Caused by Amazon Fresh Delivery Trucks: What You Need to Know

Amazon operates two separate grocery delivers services: Whole Foods and Amazon Fresh. Every day, each of these entities deliver groceries to thousands of people across the United States. Each year, a growing number of Whole Foods and Amazon Fresh delivery drivers are involved in accidents they cause, and which result in injuries – including fatal injuries – to people from all walks of life. In this article, we take a moment to consider your rights should you (or a loved…

California Amazon Truck Accident Kills Two

A California Amazon truck accident killed two and injured two others in Jurupa Valley. Officers from the Riverside County Sheriff’s Office were at the scene of an accident at Van Buren Boulevard and 56th Street in Jurupa Valley on Saturday evening. While working the accident, an Amazon delivery truck slammed into a parked but empty sheriff’s department patrol vehicle. The impact between the Amazon truck and the patrol car caused the cruiser to jettison into a crowd of people standing…

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