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Crane Accidents Deaths and Injuries in the State of Texas

Earlier this month, Brian New and the “I-Team” at local CBS affiliate KTVT produced a television news report entitled “Texas Leads Nation In Deadly Crane Accidents, Target Of OSHA Safety Enforcement.” In that story, which dealt with crane accidents in North Texas only, it was noted that: Between 2011 and 2015, Texas had 4 times the yearly average of deaths when compared to the rest of the nation. Since 2012, there were 8 North Texas crane-related accident deaths. However it…

Tiger Woods, Girl Friend, Named in Wrongful Death Lawsuit

The DUI/DWI lawyers at The Doan Law Firm discuss this accident from the viewpoint of Florida’s “Dram Shop Law” and how that law might apply. Read more about why the victims of accidents involving Dram Shop Law should always seek the advice of an experienced wrongful death lawyer.

Michigan’s “Dram Shop” Law Liability

Like other states, Michigan is forced to confront the public safety and health issues caused by hundreds (if not thousands) of accidents each year that are caused by drivers who are later convicted on a charge of DUI/DWI. One of the methods adopted by the state legislature to deal with the tremendous financial burdens caused by these accidents is to allow, under certain conditions, the filing of lawsuits against the businesses that sell alcoholic beverages to customers that are obviously…

New York’s “Dram Shop” / “Social Host” Laws and The Liability Involved

Read more about New York’s “Dram Shop” and “Social Host” Laws, and their potential impacts on DUI/DWI accident injury cases from the experienced car accident lawyers at The Doan Law Firm.

Pennsylvania’s “Dram Shop” Law

It should not come as a surprise to learn that Pennsylvania, like other states, appears to be losing its battle to rid our streets and highways of “impaired” drivers and the tremendous costs associated with injuries and deaths that are due to drivers who are convicted on charges of DUI/DWI. Although it is not widely known outside the law enforcement and legal professions, one tactic that is meeting with some success in reducing the costs associated with such accidents is…

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