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Up to 200 Teens at House Party When Floor Collapsed

Partygoers are Seniors at Colorado’s Eaglecrest High School A raucous house turned into a catastrophe when the first floor of a residence in Arapahoe County, Colorado collapsed downwards into the house’s basement. Upwards to 200 high school seniors were in the residence – presumably on the first floor – at the time of the collapse. Fortunately, no one was killed in the floor-fail. However, a number of young people were injured. At least four of the young people were taken…

LA Bomb Tech’s Warnings About Overloading Detonation Chamber Ignored

Massive Los Angeles Explosion Injured 27 People, Damages Scores of Properties A Los Angeles neighborhood was rocked to its foundation (quite literally foundations) when the LA Bomb Squad was engaged to detonate illegally stored homemade fireworks. A just-released Inspector General’s report reveals that the squad members who detonated the fireworks did so improperly. More significantly, these officials were warned that they were not properly denotating these explosives before the blast occurred. The June 30, 2021, explosion injured 27 people. Scores…

Three Killed, Four Hospitalized in Virginia Semi-Truck Accident

A Valentine’s week Virginia semi-truck accident killed three and sent four others to the hospital. The collision involved a semi-truck and a van. The driver of the semi was not seriously injured. There were seven people in the van at the time of the Virginia semi-truck accident. Four of the people in the van were killed. The other four people in the van sustained injuries that required hospitalization. The names of those who were killed and injured in the wreck…

Dr. Death Texas Medical Malpractice Scenario Could Happen Again

This week marks the fifth anniversary of a Texas criminal court sentencing Dallas neurosurgeon Christopher Duntsch to life in prison. The notorious doctor, who botched surgeries that left 30 patients injured or dead, became known as “Dr. Death.” Because of a general failure in the manner in which the Texas Medical Board oversaw the work of doctors in the Lone Star State, Duntsch was able to move from one Dallas medical center after another, racking up injured and dead surgical…

Is An Autopsy Necessary for a Medical Malpractice Claim?

If you’ve lost a family member as the result of what you believe to be medical malpractice, you undoubtedly have many questions and concerns. One question you may have is whether or not an autopsy is necessary to pursue a medical malpractice claim? As is the case with many legal considerations, the answer to the question of whether you need to obtain an autopsy does not elicit a strictly black and white answer. Overview of a Medical Malpractice Claim A…

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