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Up to 200 Teens at House Party When Floor Collapsed

Partygoers are Seniors at Colorado’s Eaglecrest High School

A raucous house turned into a catastrophe when the first floor of a residence in Arapahoe County, Colorado collapsed downwards into the house’s basement. Upwards to 200 high school seniors were in the residence – presumably on the first floor – at the time of the collapse. Fortunately, no one was killed in the floor-fail. However, a number of young people were injured. At least four of the young people were taken to local hospitals.

One of these teenagers is said to have been severely injured. That teen’s condition has not been released as of Sunday evening. None of the names of the injured students have been released to the media or public. Similarly, the name or names of the owner or owners of the house where the catastrophic accident occurred were not released to the media.

The assumption is that this is the residence of one of the students in the Eaglecrest High School senior class. It is not known at this time whether or not any adults were present at the residence at the time of the large party.

Many of the students were able to climb out of the basement on their own. The stairwell connecting the basement and what was the first floor of the home remained standing following the collapse. Additionally, some of the teenagers were able to exit the basement via egress windows in the basement as well.

Some of the young people needed to be rescued and removed from the structure by South Metro Fire Rescue. This section of Arapahoe County is in the larger Denver Metro area.

Eaglecrest High School, where the students attend, is one of four high schools in the Cherry Creek School District. Eaglecrest is located in unincorporated Arapahoe County between the Denver Metro communities of Aurora and Centennial.

The South Metro Fire Rescue Public Information Officer, Eric Hurst, addressed the scene of the catastrophic home collapse. “We saw a lot of people out in the street. Some of them were pretty panicked, so the crew changed into rescue mode,” he explained.

The collapse resulted in a rupture of a natural gas line providing service to the residence. No explosion occurred as a result of the gas line rupture. Officials were able to shut down the service quickly in order to avoid additional harm

An investigation is underway in regard to the Colorado home collapse. With that said, it appears that the primary reason the first floor collapsed into the basement was a result of the very large number of people that were inside the property.

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