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How Hypoxia Can Occur During Childbirth

Hypoxia occurs when the brain does not receive enough oxygen. This can occur at various times before, during, and after the delivery of a child. Hypoxia in a child can lead to a significant brain injury. If these incidents are not noticed quickly or are not properly treated, hypoxia can lead to significant permanent disabilities, including cognitive disorders, cerebral palsy, and hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (HIE). A birth injury attorney in Houston can help you assess your legal options if your child…

What Are Broken Bone Birth Injuries?

The last thing any family expects is that their child will sustain broken bones during the delivery process. However, there are times when medical professionals make a mistake before, during, and after delivery that can lead to the child sustaining broken bones. Here, we want to discuss these injuries and their long-term consequences, as well as whether or not families can recover compensation through a Houston birth injury lawsuit. Types of Broken Bones During Labor and Delivery There are various…

What Laws Apply to Cyclists in Texas?

If you want to operate your bicycle on the roadways of Texas, then there are various laws that you need to be aware of. It is imperative that you learn and understand the safe operation of your bicycle as well as the laws that apply to you and other motorists so that you can avoid serious accidents that lead to catastrophic injuries. This is not a complete list of laws that could affect you and other riders, so please conduct…

Are Cyclists Required to Wear Helmets in Texas?

Before you or a loved one ride out on a bicycle, you want to make sure that safety is the number one priority. One of the best ways to ensure you and your loved ones remain safe while riding bicycles is to wear a helmet. Studies indicate that wearing a helmet while riding a bicycle reduces the risk of a serious head or brain injury by approximately 63% to 85%. However, Texas law currently does not require bicyclists of any…

What Are the Differences Between DUI & DWI in Texas?

The terms DUI and DWI are often used by individuals to mean the same thing. In many states, “driving under the influence” and “driving while intoxicated” do have differences in Texas. In this state, both DUI and DWI refer to individuals operating a vehicle while intoxicated. This means that the individual lacks normal physical and mental faculties as a result of consuming alcohol or some type of narcotic. If you’re involved in a crash, call a Houston drunk driving accident…

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