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Elevator Accidents Facts and Statistics

Elevator accidents are a very serious safety hazard that can result in serious injury or even death. Although they are relatively rare, these accidents are still common enough to warrant careful attention and precautions when using an elevator. Here are six facts and statistics about elevator accidents that everyone should generally understand. Approximately 10,000 Elevator Accident Injuries Annually in the United States The National Elevator Industry Inc., which is the leading authority on elevator safety, reports that approximately 10,000 people…

Child Elevator Accident Deaths Lead to Weston’s Law

A new law has taken effect in North Carolina in response to child elevator accident deaths in that state and elsewhere across the United States. The North Carolina child elevator safety legislation is christened Weston’s Law. The law is names after Weston Androw, a 7-year-old boy who lost his life in a tragic North Carolina elevator accident. Weston was on vacation from Ohio in North Carolina in July 2021. He and his family were staying at a vacation rental that…

Man Seriously Injured in Florida Elevator Accident

A man was pinned under a vehicle elevator at Ferrari of Naples Saturday night. The man sustained serious injuries that resulted in him being airlifted to Lee Memorial Hospital. Ferrari of Naples is located at 11291 Tamiami Trail North. Although an investigation has started into the cause of the Florida elevator accident, no information is yet available in regard to how the catastrophic incident occurred in the first instance. Following the tragic incident, the victim of the Florida elevator accident…

Four People Nearly Drown in Omaha Elevator

Four people boarded an elevator giving little thought to riding on the lift. The building and elevator in question is located in Omaha, Nebraska. Within seconds after the elevator doors shut, the four young adults experienced the stuff of a horror movie. Flood waters came rushing into the lobby of the building where the elevator was located. The elevator started to rapidly fill up with water, leaving the four people inside the lift in a truly perilous situation. The four…

Eight Children Crushed in Home Elevator Accidents: Federal Agency Moves to Force Recall

The Consumer Product Safety Commission took a highly unusual step on July 7, 2021. The Commission voted to initiate legal processes to force the recall of a certain line of home elevators. As of this time, at least eight children have been crushed to death in elevator accidents involving home lifts manufactured by ThyssenKrupp Access. Recalls of the type the Commission is attempting to force normally are undertaken voluntarily by a manufacturer like ThyssenKrupp Access. ThyssenKrupp Access is a wholly…

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