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Tis the Season to be Shopping

Injuries and Deaths Peak in Stores, Boutiques, and Malls During Holiday Season Beginning with the mad rush on Black Friday, the shopping peak of the year has arrived. The winter holiday season is to be a time for celebrating. However, for some truly unfortunate people, the holidays are marred because of an accident that occurred while out and about shopping for the season. Injuries in stores and other retail locations (including restaurants) spike upward this time of year – and…

Energy Drinks Hospitalize Students

Four Saint Joseph’s University students were taken to the hospital emergency room after drinking Four Loko and Joose energy drinks. Reports say the Four Loko drinks caused students to experience walking blackouts, anxiety, heart palpitations, psychosis-like episodes, extreme mood swings, alcohol poisoning and other similar symptoms. There were no serious long-term side effects from the incident, reports concluded. Families of those hospitalized after drinking energy drinks will likely have questions. In a tragedy like this one, survivors’ questions need to…

Dozens Injured, One Killed when Horses Bolt During Parade

A freak accident in Bellevue, Iowa left one dead and 23 others injured when two runaway horses pulling a wagon trampled spectators at a small-town Fourth of July parade, reports say.   The horses became spooked and bolted after they tangled with each other. At that point, one of the horses lost its bridle, reports say. The horses then galloped for several blocks with the wagon, trampling some and crashing into others. In addition, the wagon flipped and its two…

Man Falls from Second Deck Trying to Catch a Foul Ball

Stretching for a foul ball a Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, Texas, a man fell from the second deck into the field level seats. The man fell during the fifth inning of a game between the Cleveland Indians and Texas Rangers last summer. The incident occurred when Texas right fielder Nelson Cruz fouled a ball into the first row of seats along the first-base line. He simply leaned too far off the club level seat and toppled onto the seats below,…

Child Avoids Death in Escalator Accident

  Four-year-old Stevie Webb had his head crushed between two escalators moving in opposite directions earlier this year.   Reports say the accident occurred in the Savacentre in Colliers Wood, south-west London when the boy’s mother talked on the phone. The child somehow got stuck between two escalators. When his clothes got caught in one of the moving conveyances, he was pulled in and was twisted around so violently that his head was pulled down, causing immediate unconsciousness and severe…

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