Child Avoids Death in Escalator Accident


Four-year-old Stevie Webb had his head crushed between two escalators moving in opposite directions earlier this year.


Reports say the accident occurred in the Savacentre in Colliers Wood, south-west London when the boy's mother talked on the phone. The child somehow got stuck between two escalators. When his clothes got caught in one of the moving conveyances, he was pulled in and was twisted around so violently that his head was pulled down, causing immediate unconsciousness and severe bruising in his face and eyes when the machine burst a blood vessel in his face.

The escalators were reportedly stopped before any more damage occurred and he was transported to a hospital, which was less than a mile away. Reports say it will be months before the child fully recovers and the bruising disappears.


Reports also say there were no barriers that would have prevented the incident. A lawsuit is reportedly in the works by the victim's father. Investigations continue.

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