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How Are International Aviation Accidents Handled?

When an aviation accident occurs outside of US borders, it can present challenges for victims and families seeking compensation for their losses. Individuals involved in an international aviation accident may seek to find an attorney in the country they were in or going to at the time the incident occurred. However, this can present significant complications. In general, victims should find a Houston aviation accident attorney with experience handling these incidents. Handling the Claim With a US-Based Attorney Trying to…

Can Human Error Cause an Aviation Accident?

Aviation accidents are not common, but when they do occur, they typically lead to deadly scenarios. In most cases, aviation accidents occur due to human error, whether that be an issue with actually flying the plane, a mechanical issue, a defect related to a part on the plane, or other human causes. Study after study shows that most aviation accidents revolve around human error. Research by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration has found that 70% of aviation incidents involve…

Boise Airport Hangar Collapse Kills Three, Injures Nine

What has been described by officials as a “catastrophic” Boise Airport hangar collapse killed three people. Nine other individuals were injured in the collapse, including five who are listed in critical condition at Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center in Boise. The Boise Airport hangar collapse occurred at about 5:00 p.m. According to officials, dozens of people were working at the construction site at the time of the building collapse. The airport hangar was under construction at the time of the…

What You Need to Know About Runway Incursions

If you are like a majority of Americans, you fly for pleasure or business from time to time. If you are also like many people across the country, when there is a major airplane catastrophe, you see and hear about it in the news and pay at least some attention to what has occurred. If you are also like most men and women in the United States, you may not be aware of when and where a plane passenger faces…

Overview of Airplane Safety in 2022

The number of airplane accidents that occurred worldwide in the year 2022 was alarmingly high. According to the International Air Transport Association, there were a total of 7,052 such incidents reported across the globe during this period. Of these, 3,561 resulted in deaths – a figure which is worryingly close to the highest ever recorded death toll from airplane accidents in one year (3,617 in 1972). Smaller Aircraft and Fatal Airplane Accidents Most fatal incidents involved smaller planes – those…

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