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What You Need to Know About Runway Incursions

If you are like a majority of Americans, you fly for pleasure or business from time to time. If you are also like many people across the country, when there is a major airplane catastrophe, you see and hear about it in the news and pay at least some attention to what has occurred. If you are also like most men and women in the United States, you may not be aware of when and where a plane passenger faces…

Overview of Airplane Safety in 2022

The number of airplane accidents that occurred worldwide in the year 2022 was alarmingly high. According to the International Air Transport Association, there were a total of 7,052 such incidents reported across the globe during this period. Of these, 3,561 resulted in deaths – a figure which is worryingly close to the highest ever recorded death toll from airplane accidents in one year (3,617 in 1972). Smaller Aircraft and Fatal Airplane Accidents Most fatal incidents involved smaller planes – those…

Cause of Catastrophic Airplane Crash Revealed: Pilot Smoking in Cockpit

The cause of the catastrophic crash of EgyptAir flight MS804 has been somewhat of a mystery since the May 19, 2016, disaster. There have been some questions surrounding the incident that had now been answered. An investigatory report was released last week which finally sheds light on the cause of the EgyptAir airplane crash. All 66 people on the aircraft flying from Cairo to Paris were killed. The plane went down into the Mediterranean Sea, suddenly disappearing from flight tracking…

Catastrophic Houston Airplane Accident Takes No Lives

An airplane taking off from Houston Executive Airport was involved in a catastrophic accident. 18 passengers and three crew members were onboard the aircraft at the time of its demise. The private airplane was completely destroyed as a result of the crash and associated fire. No one was killed in this Houston plane crash. Two people were transported to the hospital, although their injuries do not appear to be serious. The word “miraculous” is being attached to the fact that…

Horrific Private Plane Accident Wreaks Havoc in San Diego Suburb

What will be remembered as an uneventful, even pleasant weekend by residents of San Diego will be remembered quite differently by some residents of the nearby suburb of Santee. Just after the noon hour, a twin-engine Cessna 340 nose-dived to the ground, slamming into an occupied UPS van and then roaring into two nearby homes. The UPS driver was killed upon impact. The pilot, a doctor who lived in San Diego and commuted (via his private plane) to his medical…

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