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Overview of Airplane Safety in 2022

The number of airplane accidents that occurred worldwide in the year 2022 was alarmingly high. According to the International Air Transport Association, there were a total of 7,052 such incidents reported across the globe during this period. Of these, 3,561 resulted in deaths – a figure which is worryingly close to the highest ever recorded death toll from airplane accidents in one year (3,617 in 1972).

Smaller Aircraft and Fatal Airplane Accidents

Most fatal incidents involved smaller planes – those with fewer than 19 seats – whereas commercial jets saw a comparatively low number of fatalities. However, it is worth noting that some of the most well-known and shocking disasters of 2022 involved large passenger aircrafts such as the Lion Air Flight 6704 crash in Indonesia and the Aviastar Airlines Flight 2181 disaster over Siberia.

In addition to these two major incidents, numerous other smaller crashes also occurred throughout the year. Incidents ranged from small engine fires and hard landings to full-on catastrophic destruction where no survivors were left behind. These included accidents such as On Wings Aviation Flight 3388 which crashed on takeoff from Hanoi Airport killing all 11 passengers on board.

Airplane Accidents and Low-Cost Carriers

Other worrisome trends included particularly high accident rates among low-cost carriers and those operating older model aircrafts. The former typically suffer from overcrowding due to their cut-rate fares while the latter often have outdated safety features or lack proper maintenance records.

Airplane Accidents in Perspective

These figures are certainly concerning, but it is important to remember that they represent only a fraction of total air travel during 2022. More than 8 billion people flew safely around the world during this same period. Nevertheless, these statistics demonstrate why airlines must continue to invest heavily in advanced safety systems and new technologies if they wish to maintain their current levels of operation without further incident.

Airplane accidents have continued to remain a major concern for travelers, governments and the aviation industry. In 2022, the numbers of airplane accidents and fatalities are expected to remain high.

Estimates About Projected 2023 Airplane Accidents

According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), there will be an estimated 535 million scheduled flights in 2023 worldwide. This represents a 4 percent increase over 2021’s estimated figure of 517 million flights.

Of these 535 million flights, an estimated 1,800 to 2,000 incidents involving airplanes are expected to occur in 2025 alone. These incidents range from minor mishaps such as bird strikes, to more serious issues like engine failures or runway excursions.

The IATA also expects that there will be around one fatal accident for every 2 million flights flown in 2023. This is slightly higher than the average rate of one fatal accident per 3 million flights in 2021.

Of all fatal plane crashes in 2023, 57 percent are expected to involve commercial airlines while 43 percent will involve general aviation aircrafts, such as private planes and helicopters.

The IATA anticipates that at least 500 people will lose their lives due to airplane accidents in 2023 worldwide. This figure is unchanged from 2021 when 500 fatalities were recorded from plane crashes globally.

Approximately 66% percent of all fatalities caused by plane crashes in 2023 are predicted to be passengers onboard aircrafts. The remaining third being onboard crew members or persons on the ground affected by the crash site wreckage or debris falling from above them as a result of an incident or accident happening up high in flight path corridors.

The United States is projected to bear the brunt of both fatal and non-fatal aircraft incidents. 32 percent of fatal and 38 percent of nonfatal airplane accidents are predicted for US airspace alone in 2023.

Your Legal Rights After an Airplane Accident

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