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Pet Attacks and Serious Personal Injury

Pet Attacks and Serious Personal Injury The vast majority of households in the United States have pets, the most common being dogs and cats. Time and again, pet owners are firm in stating that their companion animals are part of the family. As with so many generally positive elements of life, there are instances in which a pet somehow attacks a person not a part of the family. Pet attacks can and oftentimes do result in serious personal injury. Pet…

Who is Liable for a Dog Bite Injury in Texas?

Texas is considered to be a “one bite state.” This means that if you or a loved one is bitten by another person’s dog, that dog owner may be held liable for your injuries. The One Bite Rule does stipulate that the owner must have been either aware of, or had reason to believe, the dog was predisposed to biting or causing a similar type of injury to be held liable. This holds true whether the dog’s handler at the…

Grandmother and Friend Keep Attacking Dogs at Bay

A grandmother, her baby granddaughter and a friend were lucky to escape a serious mauling by two German shepherds earlier this year, but both were left shaken and slightly hurt by the attack. Laurie Adams, 49, of Haverhill, PA and a friend were walking with Adams’ year-old granddaughter when two dogs attacked the baby’s stroller, reports say. Both women placed themselves in front of the carriage and shielded the baby, suffering bite wounds to their legs in the process, reports…

Boy Hospitalized After Being Mauled By Dog

An Arizona City youth was hospitalized and listed in fair condition after being mauled by three dogs after school one afternoon last month. Ten-year-old Jason Hamilton was walking home from school after getting off the school bus with his little brother when he was attacked in Arizona City, which is just south of Phoenix, AZ. The boy was transported to a Phoenix hospital with dog bites to his body, face and neck, reports say. Reports also say that the owner…

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