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Risks of Texas Pharmaceutical Malpractice

Texas pharmaceutical malpractice is a significant concern. Each and every year, thousands of Texans are injured – even fatally – as the result of medication error. We provide you an overview of this type of Texas medical malpractice. Definition of Pharmaceutical Malpractice Pharmaceutical malpractice refers to any negligent, reckless, or intentional conduct by a pharmacist or pharmacy that causes harm to a patient. This can include dispensing the wrong medication or dosage, failing to provide proper instructions for use, or…

5 Frequently Occurring Types of Medical Malpractice

Medical negligence and associated injuries oftentimes are the stuff of movies and television shows. The reality is that each and every day people from all walks of life are injured because of malpractice of different types perpetrated by healthcare providers, including physicians, surgeons, and pharmacists. Many individuals have suffered untold amounts of pain, suffering, and financial strain as a result of negligence, errors, or omissions on the part of medical providers. Medical malpractice can vary in type and severity. There…

How Hypoxia Can Occur During Childbirth

Hypoxia occurs when the brain does not receive enough oxygen. This can occur at various times before, during, and after the delivery of a child. Hypoxia in a child can lead to a significant brain injury. If these incidents are not noticed quickly or are not properly treated, hypoxia can lead to significant permanent disabilities, including cognitive disorders, cerebral palsy, and hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (HIE). A birth injury attorney in Houston can help you assess your legal options if your child…

What Are Broken Bone Birth Injuries?

The last thing any family expects is that their child will sustain broken bones during the delivery process. However, there are times when medical professionals make a mistake before, during, and after delivery that can lead to the child sustaining broken bones. Here, we want to discuss these injuries and their long-term consequences, as well as whether or not families can recover compensation through a Houston birth injury lawsuit. Types of Broken Bones During Labor and Delivery There are various…

Dr. Death Texas Medical Malpractice Scenario Could Happen Again

This week marks the fifth anniversary of a Texas criminal court sentencing Dallas neurosurgeon Christopher Duntsch to life in prison. The notorious doctor, who botched surgeries that left 30 patients injured or dead, became known as “Dr. Death.” Because of a general failure in the manner in which the Texas Medical Board oversaw the work of doctors in the Lone Star State, Duntsch was able to move from one Dallas medical center after another, racking up injured and dead surgical…

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