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Virginia Home Depot Worker Crushed by Forklift

Another U.S. forklift fatality occurred at a Home Depot in Virginia this past week. The deadly forklift accident occurred at about midnight at a Home Depot located on Merrilee Drive in Fairfax County. Paul Gato, a Home Depot employee, was pronounced dead by emergency medical personnel at the scene. Paul Gato was 43. Cause of Fatal Virginia Forklift Accident Paul Gato was operating a forklift to unload items from a delivery truck. The forklift somehow fell over in the process….

Pair of Dallas Car Accidents on Interstate 35E Kill Two, Injure Six

A pair of Dallas car accidents occurred in close proximity to one another on Interstate 35E on Saturday night. Two people were killed. At least six other people were injured. At least two of the six injured individuals are list in critical condition at Parkland Hospital. First Interstate 35E Saturday Night Dallas Car Accident The first Interstate 35E Saturday night Dallas car accident occurred just before 9:00 Saturday night. Prior to the accident, a car had broken down on the…

Michigan State Fraternity Death and Hospitalizations Rock Campus

The Pi Alpha Phi fraternity at Michigan State University has been suspended by both the school administration and the organization’s international organization. Both suspensions are listed as temporary pending the results of an investigation into the Michigan State fraternity death of Phat Nguyen. In addition to the death of 21-year-old Phat Nguyen, three other members of the fraternity were transported to a local medical center. Phat Nguyen was pronounced dead at the scene after EMTs attempted to revive the young…

Michigan State Fraternity Death Leads to Frat Suspension

A Michigan State fraternity death has resulted in the suspension of Pi Alpha Phi. The victim of the Michigan State fraternity death has been identified as Phat Nguyen. Emergency medical personal responded to a 911 call on Saturday at 2:00 a.m. Upon arrival at the scene, the found Phat Nguyen unresponsive and not breathing. EMTs began CPR on the 21-year-old student to no avail. Phat Nguyen was pronounced dead at the scene. Awaiting Coroner’s Report on Michigan State Fraternity Death…

Flint Explosion Takes Two Lives, Destroys or Damages 27 Homes

The Flint explosion that took two lives and injured others also resulted in the damage or destruction of 27 homes. The Flint explosion occurred on November 22 at around 9:30 at night. The cause of the highly destructive, deadly blast is yet to be determined. What is known about the Flint explosion as of Saturday, November 26 includes: The explosion occurred at a residence located in the 3900 block of Hogarth Avenue between Nedra and Walton Avenues. The explosion occurred…

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