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How to Stay Safe During a Roadside Breakdown

There are various reasons why individuals need to be prepared for a roadside breakdown, no matter what time of year we are discussing. Vehicles can break down during the summer just as easily as they can during the winter months, and it is crucial for individuals to have the materials and knowledge required to remain safe if a breakdown does occur and safety may not be close. If you are injured during a roadside breakdown, call our Houston car accident…

What to Do if You Experience a Tire Blowout While Driving

The last thing that any person wants to experience is a tire blowout heading down the roadways of Texas, no matter what time of year. If you experience a tire blowout, you may not only be inconvenienced but the lives of you and your passengers may also be put in serious danger. Here, we want to review some of the basic steps individuals can take after they experience a tire blowout while driving. What Are Common Causes of Tire Blowouts?…

Thanksgiving Driving Dangers

Doan Law Firm Thanksgiving Car Accident Lawyer Hotline – (800) 349-0000 Many people will be hitting the road today for Thanksgiving, heading off to celebrate the holiday with friends and family. Thanksgiving 2021 will be markedly different from last year when the vast majority of people were not able to gather with their extended family and friends because of restrictions associated with the novel coronavirus pandemic. There is a grim side to all of the overall good news about people…

Seven Facts About Motorcycle Accidents

If you are a biker, you need to understand some basic and essential facts about motorcycle accidents in the United States. The fact is that even if you are not a biker, as a motorist, you need to also be aware about certain facts associated with motorcycle accidents. Indeed, there are seven key facts about motorcycle accidents to bear in mind: Death Rate Among Motorcycle Riders There was a total of 4,985 bikers killed on U.S. roadways during the last…

Catastrophic Tour Bus Accident Injures 57 People

A catastrophic tour bus accident occurred in central New York, sending all 57 people onboard the vehicle to hospitals, according to the state police. The New York tour bus was headed to Niagara Falls when the vehicle ran off the road and rolled over. The tour bus landed on its side in the grass alongside the roadway at about 12:45 p.m. The injurious accident occurred on a highway near Weedsport, a New York town located about 25 miles west of…

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