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The Patterson Oil Rig Explosion: From Horrible to Horrific

Oil Rig Safety Likely Largely Ignored at Location of Patterson Oil Rig Explosion As the investigation of the Patterson oil rig explosion continues, bad news upon bad news appears to the be the order of the day. The Patterson oil rig explosion occurred about 100 miles south of Tulsa a few weeks ago. The explosion occurred several miles outside the town of Quinton. Five workers were killed in the explosion. Company Operating Rig and Drilling Operations Patterson-UTI is the company…

Oklahoma Oil Rig Explosion

Oklahoma Oil Rig Explosion Claims Lives of Five Workers 911 dispatchers serving the Quinton, Oklahoma, area were recently inundated with calls when an oil rig exploded in Pittsburg County, four miles from the town. Quinton itself is located about 100 miles south of Tulsa. The situation near Quinton underscores the ramifications of an Oklahoma oil rig explosion. The reality is that the injuries, damages, and losses arising from an oil rig explosion can be profound. Five Fatalities in Oklahoma Oil…

Two Dead Following AMTRAK Accident in South Carolina

For the third time in as many months, an AMTRAK passenger train has been involved in a fatal accident. In this week’s post, our train accident injury lawyer will review the known facts of the most recent accident before explaining the legal rights of accident victims and the compensation that may be available to the families of those who suffered fatal injuries. The Facts of The Train Crash As with any public transportation accident, initial reports are often inaccurate. However,…

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