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European e. Coli Outbreak Appears to be Winding Down

German Robert Koch Institute reported in July that 852 patients with hemolytic uremic syndrome were identified who had come down with the illness though the Shiga toxin-producing E. coli bacteria – including six confirmed cases in the U.S. resulting in one death. The study concluded that contaminated raw sprouts from one farm in Germany are the likely source of the outbreak, and that the farm had been closed. The sprouts produced there are no longer in restaurants or store shelves…

CDC Monitors German E. Coli Outbreak

The Centers for Disease Control is monitoring the large outbreak of E. Coli that has hit European communities this spring. The E. Coli strain, which is a Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli O104:H4 infection mosty discovered in Germany, has been confirmed in four cases and one suspected case in the U.S. Of the five cases, four recently traveled to Hamburg, Germany, where they were likely exposed. The CDC has reported an alert to state health departments of the ongoing outbreak and…

Victims of Peanut Salmonella Want Criminal Charges Brought

In a massive Salmonella outbreak ultimately linked to the Peanut Corporation of America, several victims, or families of victims, want the Justice Department to file criminal charges against PCA, reports say. The Salmonella outbreak sickened thousands in the United States and Canada, causing a number of deaths, reports say. PCA reportedly furnished peanuts that went into some 3,500 products. Those products in turn made some 22,500 people sick and nine people dead from Salmonella infection, reports say. When US FDA…

E. coli Tainted Water Affects Neighborhood

Water at some house in California’s San Gabriel Valley was tainted by the E. coli Bacteria earlier this month, reports say, and some 200 households were told to boil their tap water. Although there were no reported cases of illness, the citizens of the affected area waited for officials to sterilize water pipes. Each affected home reportedly received three cases of bottled water from city officials, reports say. The source of contamination is unknown, but either animal or human feces…

Salmonella Prompts Cilantro Recall

Canadian consumers have been warned earlier this month to avoid Nature’s Reward brand fresh cilantro over the potential that it may be contaminated with Salmonella, reports say. The recall was issued by Fresh Taste Produce Ltd., the importer of the recalled herb. The Nature’s Reward brand fresh cilantro was produced in the United States, and was sold in bunches held together with a twist tie that bears no brand name, but does have the following numbers: PLU 4889 and UPC…

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