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Former USC Student Health Center Doctor is Named in Sexual Abuse Lawsuits

Although once considered to be rare, recent high-profile cases involving sexual misconduct by doctors whose victims were their patients are becoming more common in both the national and local news media. In today’s blog post, the sexual assault/sexual battery lawyer at the Doan Law Firm presents a review of the known facts in lawsuits alleging sexual misconduct by a doctor at the University of Southern California’s Student Health Center. He will then discuss the legal options that may be available…

Liability of Bars and Package Stores in Alcohol-Related Accidents

Dram Shop Laws may allow accident victims to sue retail alcohol sellers Everyone is aware of the terrible consequences that often accompany an individual’s decision to drive a car, truck, or motorcycle while under the influence of alcohol. Many victims of these tragic accidents and their families are unaware that it may be possible to file a lawsuit against the establishment that served alcohol to a customer who was obviously intoxicated and that customer was later involved in a traffic…

“Pill Mills” and Deaths from Opioid Drug Overdose Statistics

The current Opioid epidemic has been fueled by “Pill Mills” and unethical doctors. Not only is over prescribing morally wrong, this act comes with extensive medical malpractice implications. Read more about this epidemic from the experienced medical malpractice team at The Doan Law Firm.

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