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Worker Killed in Lubbock X-FAB Texas Facility

What has been described as a flash explosion has taken the life of one worked and injured another at the Lubbock X-FAB Texas Facility. The deceased worker was likely killed almost instantly at the time of the blast. The second worker was transported to University Medical Center where he is listed in stable condition with non-life-threatening injuries. The hospital has not provided any updates on the injured worker’s condition.

Details About Lubbock X-FAB Texas Facility Explosion are Limited

Not much information is yet available about the Lubbock X-FAB Texas Facility explosion accident. What is known is that the pair of workers who became the victim of the blast were performing maintenance on the facility’s deionized water system.

The specific cause of the flash explosion is not yet known. Due to the nature of this particular type of flash explosion, no fire was generated as a result of the blast.

There is some preliminary evidence that the flash explosion caused a hydrogen peroxide leak at the plant. There is some speculation that the blast itself resulted in the death of one of the employees. The hydrogen peroxide leak may have been the cause of injuries to the worker who has been hospitalized.

The leak that appears to have occurred evidently did not progress beyond the facility itself. In other words, the community was never at risk as a result of the Lubbock explosion.

Lubbock Police and Lubbock Fire Rescue responded to the scene of the accident. As of this time, spokespersons for both departments have provided no additional information about the explosion. The Lubbock X-FAB Texas Facility did release this short announcement after the blast:

The cause of the explosion is still under investigation, but there is no reason to suspect any additional risk to employees or the site.

No word yet as to when additional information may be forthcoming from the company.

Investigation Into Industrial Accident Commenced

The Texas Department of Labor has announced the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration or OSHA will be leading the investigation into the fatal Lubbock X-FAB Texas Facility explosion. There are no other specifics regarding the OSHA investigation at this time. This includes any time frame for the investigation into the deadly blast.

Other agencies may end up involved in the investigation at some point in time. At the present time, there is no information about prior OSHA complaints at the facility, if any.

Overview of the Lubbock X-FAB Texas Facility

X-FAB is regarded as the leading “analog and mixed signal and MEMS” foundry group. X-FAB manufactures silicon wafters that are used in a number of areas:

  • Automotive
  • Industrial
  • Consumer
  • Medical
  • Other applications

Lubbock X-FAB Texas Facility Shutdown

The Lubbock X-FAB Texas Facility has been shutdown in the aftermath of the explosion. Operations have ceased both to allow for repair work at the facility and to allow for the investigation into the blast. As of Saturday evening, there has been no indication as to when the facility will be back in operation.

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