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Boise Airport Hangar Collapse Kills Three, Injures Nine

What has been described by officials as a “catastrophic” Boise Airport hangar collapse killed three people. Nine other individuals were injured in the collapse, including five who are listed in critical condition at Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center in Boise. The Boise Airport hangar collapse occurred at about 5:00 p.m. According to officials, dozens of people were working at the construction site at the time of the building collapse.

The airport hangar was under construction at the time of the deadly incident February 1, 2024. All of the victims of the devastating collapse were crew members involved in the construction project. No bystanders were harmed in the incident, according to officials. The names of the victims have not been released to media or to the public pending notification of family members.

Background on Private Hangar Project

The private aircraft hangar construction project has been underway for several months. The construction site is adjacent to the Boise Airport Jackson Jet Center. Jackson Jet Center provides private airplane charters as well as associated maintenance. The collapsed hangar was intended to be part of the Jackson Jet Center.

Records from the city of Boise indicate that the permits were granted to Big D Builders, which is identified as the contractor for the airport hangar construction project. The jet hangar was intended to be 39,000 square feet when completed. The projected cost of the new hangar was estimated to be between $6 and $7 million.

The building was to be set on a concrete foundation and was intended to be a metal structure. The collapsed hangar is located due directly west of the existing Jackson Jet Center facility. The collapse resulted in the complete destruction of the building.

Crane Collapse Also Occurred at the Boise Airport Hangar Construction Site

Officials have also reported that a crane collapsed at the Boise Airport hangar construction site. As of the morning after the deadly incident, officials have not confirmed whether the crane collapse caused the catastrophic destruction of the hangar or whether the crane collapsed as result of the failure of the hangar building itself. Information about this cause and effect issue is expected to be confirmed and released to the public in the not too distant future.

Response to Boise Airport Hangar Collapse

Despite multiple attempts by the media and others, no representative of Big D Builders has responded to requests for a statement regarding the fatal Boise construction site accident. On the other hand, Jackson Jet Center did make a statement through that company’s CEO, Jessica Flynn:

“(Our) hearts go out to everyone affected by this horrific event … We do not know exactly what caused the hangar collapse. Our focus now is on supporting out team and partners during this difficult time.”

Investigation Into Boise Airport Hangar Collapse Underway

Multiple agencies are now involved in an investigation into the cause of the Boise Airport hangar collapse. This includes local, state, and federal agencies. No specific information on the time frame for the investigation’s course and conclusion is yet available. As an aside, overall operations at the Boise Airport have not been impacted by the hangar collapse.

Doan Law Firm Construction Site Attorney Team Monitoring Situation

The Doan Law Firm construction site attorney team continues to monitor the situation at the Boise Airport. If you or a loved one have been injured, or if family member has died, as a result of the Boise Airport hangar collapse, you can get answers to any questions you may have by contacting an experienced, compassionate construction site accident lawyer at (800) 349-0000. There is no cost and no obligation associated with a consultation with a construction defect attorney to learn more about your legal rights and to obtain answers to any questions you may have.

Keep in mind that The Doan Law Firm never charges an attorney fee unless we win your case for you. Our legal team is dedicated to fight for justice, accountability, and the compensation you deserve in your case, including a situation like that involving the Boise Airport hangar collapse. We fight to win for you – and to win big.

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