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Two Killed, Three Injured in Medley, Florida Industrial Explosion

Two workers were killed and three others were injured in a devastating Medley, Florida industrial explosion that occurred on Tuesday morning, February 21, 2023. The deadly blast occurred at 8:40 a.m. at a welding facility in Medley, a community located 14 miles northwest of Miami.

When the massive explosion occurred, a huge ball of fire could be seen from a great distance rising over the industrial site. This was followed by an ever-expanding, billowing cloud of thick black smoke spread over the area. As of noon on the day of the explosion, no information is yet available regarding what substances may be contained in the thick black smoke.

The name of the industrial business at which the massive explosion occurred has not been officially released to the public. In addition, officials have not yet advised as to whether or not multiple businesses were impacted by the deadly blast and fire. The location of the catastrophic industrial accident is 11350 Northwest South River Drive in Medley, Florida.

Fatalities and Traumatic Injuries

Two of the injured workers suffered traumatic injuries, one being airlifted to a Miami trauma center. The third hurt worker sustained less serious injuries and does not appear to require hospitalization.

The names of the pair of workers killed in the Medley, Florida industrial explosion have not yet been released, pending notification of family. The same holds true for all three of the injured individuals as well.

Specific information about the more severely injured workers is not yet available. Beyond the fact that these individuals have sustained serious traumatic injuries, nothing additional has been reported regarding their prognoses.  

As of noon, firefighters and other emergency personnel at the scene of the Medley, Florida industrial explosion believed that all workers had been accounted for by noon. With that said, they could not absolutely rule out the possibility that more victims might be discovered once the blaze fully was under control.

20 Fire Crews Dispatched to Scene of Blast and Blaze

A total of 20 fire crews from the Miami-Dade metroplex were dispatched to the scene of the Medley industrial explosion in the immediate aftermath of the blast. The extent of damage likely to have been caused by the explosion and fire will be determined once an investigation is underway.

What is known is that multiple structures ignited as a result of the explosion. In addition, a number of vehicles were on fire as well.

Cause of Medley, Florida Industrial Explosion

As of this writing, the precise cause of the Medley, Florida industrial explosion is unknown. According to Miami-Dade Police Detective Luis Sierra, the explosion and fire are under investigation. “Right now, investigators are still trying to find out exactly what causes this combustion, Sierra stated. Other agencies are expected to join the Miami-Dade Police Department in the investigation of this fatal Florida explosion and fire. These are likely to include the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration or OSHA.

Your Legal Rights After a Florida Industrial Explosion

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