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West Virginia University Suspends Delta Chi for Fraternity Hazing

West Virginia University – WSU – suspended the Delta Chi fraternity. The Greek organization was suspended as the result of fraternity hazing. Three other Greek organizations at WSU have been disciplined for fraternity hazing, their sanctions not yet reaching the point of suspension. The Delta Chi fraternity hazing suspension will last for three years. The suspension was effective immediately when announced by university administration. In addition to the WSU suspension, the West Virginia University Delta Chi chapter has lost its…

Crane Accident Facts and Statistics

Crane accidents make for dramatic headlines. More significantly, the horrific consequences of crane accidents include severely injured and even killed victims of these types of catastrophes. Understanding essential facts and statistics associated with crane accidents can aid you in putting these types of calamities into a meaningful, useful perspective. If after reading this article about crane accident facts and statistics and have further questions, feel free to reach out to The Doan Law Firm at (800) 349-0000. Grim Essential Facts…

Nine Killed in Catastrophic West Texas Bus Accident

A catastrophic West Texas bus accident has claimed the lives of at least nine people Tuesday night. The accident involved a University of the Southwest bus carrying that school’s men’s and women’s golf teams and their coach. There was a total of nine people on the university bus at the time of a head-on collision with a pickup truck. Six of the eight students on the bus were killed. The coach also lost his life. The other two students onboard…

Phoenix Mall Explosion Injuries Patrons

A significant explosion and associated fire caused significant damage and injured three people at a Phoenix strip mall. The mall is located at Camelback Road and 67th Avenues in the Glendale suburb of Phoenix. Fortunately, the trio of people that required medical treatment were not considered to have sustained serious injuries. Only one of the three required hospitalization. Firefighters from two departments were called to the scene of the explosion. These were crews from Glendale and Phoenix. Despite only three…

Lubbock Gas Pipeline Explosion Forces Evacuation

A powerful explosion completely destroyed a Lubbock residence and resulted in an evacuation of numerous neighboring residents. The explosion occurred Thursday near the intersection of 89th and Indiana Streets in Lubbock. The immediate cause of the Lubbock explosion was not known on Thursday. However, by Friday, investigators were able to confirm that the Lubbock explosion was the result of a ruptured natural gas pipeline. The gas line rupture was caused by a city of Lubbock work crew that have been dispatched…

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