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Nine Killed in Catastrophic West Texas Bus Accident

A catastrophic West Texas bus accident has claimed the lives of at least nine people Tuesday night. The accident involved a University of the Southwest bus carrying that school’s men’s and women’s golf teams and their coach. There was a total of nine people on the university bus at the time of a head-on collision with a pickup truck. Six of the eight students on the bus were killed. The coach also lost his life.

The other two students onboard were airlifted to a Lubbock hospital and are listed in critical condition.

There remains some lack of clarity in regard to the facts and circumstances surrounding the collision. Two other people are known to be dead. They are the driver and a passenger in the pickup truck.

The university bus and the pickup truck were on a two-lane highway at the time of the accident. The pickup truck cross into the bus’s lane of traffic directly before the accident. A violent, devastating head-on collision ensued. The accident occurred in Andrews County

An investigation into the precise cause or cause of the deadly accident is underway. Specifically, officials are working to determine why the pickup truck swerved into the wrong highway lane, resulting in the fatal collision.

None of the names of the people killed or injured have been released to the public as of Wednesday afternoon. Names are being withheld pending notification of family members.

The University of the Southwest issued a statement following the West Texas bus accident:

The USW campus community is shocked and saddened today as we mourn the loss of members of our university family. Last night, the men’s and women’s golf teams were traveling back to camps from competition in Midland Texas, when their bus was struck by oncoming traffic. Nine passengers, including the coach, were on the university bus involved in the fatal accident. While the accident investigation is still underway, reports indicate that seven passengers aboard the bus were killed in the crash.

USW is coordinating with the Texas DPS to assist with the investigation and public information efforts. University administration is communicating with families of the students and coaching staff to provide more information as it becomes available. Please keep the families of students, coaching staff and the USW community in your prayers as we come together and support one another during this difficult time.

The students were heading back to their university following a tournament at Midland College in Texas. The tournament was scheduled to continue the following morning. In the aftermath of the West Texas bus accident, the remainder of the golf tournament was cancelled.

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