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Lubbock Gas Pipeline Explosion Forces Evacuation

A powerful explosion completely destroyed a Lubbock residence and resulted in an evacuation of numerous neighboring residents. The explosion occurred Thursday near the intersection of 89th and Indiana Streets in Lubbock. The immediate cause of the Lubbock explosion was not known on Thursday. However, by Friday, investigators were able to confirm that the Lubbock explosion was the result of a ruptured natural gas pipeline.

The gas line rupture was caused by a city of Lubbock work crew that have been dispatched to the alleyway behind the residence at 3307 89th Street. The city workers were called to the scene to perform emergency repairs on a sanitary sewer line that ran through the alley behind the residence noted a moment ago.

While engaged in the emergency sewer repair, the work crew somehow ruptured the gas main that also ran through the same alley in which the sewage line was located. None of the workers were reported injured in the blast.

The Lubbock natural gas line explosion completely destroyed the home on 89th Street discussed earlier in this article. A yet to be named man and woman own the home. They have lived in the residence for approximately 40 years before the complete loss of their home. The positive aspect of the devastating blast is found in the fact that the couple were not in their home at the time of the catastrophic Lubbock gas line explosion.

The couple who lost their home in the natural gas blast had three cats and a dog. Sadly, the three cats were killed in the explosion. The dog was found by firefighters if his doghouse. He appears to have been unharmed by the explosion and fire.

In addition to losing their home and three cats, the couple also lost all of their personal property in the Lubbock gas line explosion. Friends of the couple have set up a GoFundMe account to assist the couple in some of their more immediate needs.  

A total of 35 other residences were evacuated as result of the Lubbock gas line explosion. No specific information is yet available regarding the damaged that may have been sustained by these other properties. What is known is that none of these other homes were rendered inhabitable by the blast and fire. As of Saturday, the residents of the other 35 homes have been permitted to return to their residences.

The city of Lubbock did issue a press release following the accident:

City management confirmed that a City of Lubbock pipeline crew was performing emergency repairs on a sanitary sewer line in the alley near Indiana and 89th Street Thursday, March 10. This pipeline work resulted in a ruptured gas line that led to nearby evacuations, an explosion at 3307 89th Street and significant damage to that property.

This is preliminary information. As of time of release, the City of Lubbock is investigating events that caused the rupture of the gas main along with the resulting damage to the nearby structure.

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