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West Virginia University Suspends Delta Chi for Fraternity Hazing

West Virginia University – WSU – suspended the Delta Chi fraternity. The Greek organization was suspended as the result of fraternity hazing. Three other Greek organizations at WSU have been disciplined for fraternity hazing, their sanctions not yet reaching the point of suspension.

The Delta Chi fraternity hazing suspension will last for three years. The suspension was effective immediately when announced by university administration. In addition to the WSU suspension, the West Virginia University Delta Chi chapter has lost its recognition from the organization’s national headquarters. At the moment it is unclear as to whether or not the WSU Delta Chi chapter will be able to regain its international recognition or when that might happen.

As far as the university suspension is concerned, it is not permanent. However, reinstatement is not automatic. In August 2025, Delta Chi can apply for reinstatement at WSU. The organization can apply for reinstatement at that time is its members fulfill educational and other requirements outlined by the WSU Student Conduct provisions and directives.

WSU Delta Chi was under investigation for fraternity hazing beginning in February 2022. A specific fraternity hazing incident was reported to the university administration at that time.

As noted a moment ago, other WSU Greek organizations were disciplined as well. The three fraternities sanctioned short of suspension by the university were:

  • Phi Sigma Phi
  • Phi Kappa Psi
  • Sigma Nu

The Phi Sigma Phi disciplinary action also involved Delta Chi. In this case, a member of the Phi Sigma Phi fraternity fired a gun into the air during a fight with members of Delta Chi. All disciplined fraternities are “required to complete educational requirements and de-escalation training,” according to WSU administration officials.

Matthew Richardson, Director of the Center for Fraternity Values at the university, issued a statement regarding the violations made by the fraternities, including fraternity hazing:

The Center for Fraternal Values and Leadership, along with the University administration, takes every allegation seriously and we work diligently to create a safe, positive atmosphere for our chapters and their members. When a chapter or member falls short of our expectations and the rules, we want to do all we can to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

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