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Protecting the Public from Catastrophic Semi-Truck Accidents with Technology

Big-Rig Cab Cameras, Brain Wave Monitoring, and Holding Trucking Companies Responsible

Over 15 million semi-trucks lumber across U.S. roadways at this juncture in time. In the most recent year a full set of statistical data is available, over 4,100 people were killed in semi-truck accidents. 116,000 injury accidents occurred that year. A large majority of killed or injured men, women, and children were drivers of automobiles and passengers that were involved in collisions with massive semi-trucks. The typical person who survives a semi-truck accident suffers highly serious and even permanently debilitating injuries.

Big-rig operator fatigue, distraction, and intoxication are three of the more common causes of semi-truck accidents in the United States. Trucking companies have a legal obligation to ensure that their operators abide by hour of service regulations, which are rules that limit amount of time a driver can be behind the wheel. Drivers need forgo utilizing devices that distract from the road. They need to be sober when operating a big-rig.

A trucking company has a legal responsibility to ensure that even when a driver is in technical compliance, the operator isn’t at the wheel when fatigued, distracted, or intoxicated. Experienced semi-truck accident lawyers fight to hold rig operators and trucking company responsible for injuries sustained by victims of semi accidents. Ideally, some of these semi accident injuries can be avoided by trucking companies being more proactive when it comes to undertaking their legal duties to other people on the road with their rigs.

Trucking Companies and Technology

One way in which trucking companies are being called upon to exercise meaningful reasonable care in regard to their rig operators is to take advantage of available technology. In this regard, a growing number of trucking companies are installing driver-facing cameras in the cabs of their semis. These cameras are designed to sound an alarm if a driver’s eyes remain closed for longer than “usual.” The idea is that the cameras are intended to detect a driver nodding off.

These cameras are far from fool proof. The stark reality is that the technology may provide a driver a second or two to respond to an imminent collision.

A very small number of trucking companies have taken an additional step, according to news reports on September 26, 2019. These companies are utilizing EEG technology to monitor a driver’s brainwaves. A driver wears a cap that allows for EEG monitoring, a process that can identify an operator becoming fatigued earlier than is otherwise the case.

A persistent and prevalent problem is that even when this technology is installed, an unknown number of drivers will find workarounds that permit them to avoid monitoring. Moreover, trucking companies have developed reputations of looking the other way when it comes to driver misconduct of this nature. Indeed, every year, scores of trucking companies are taken to task for skirting rules regarding intoxicated driving and other types of malfeasance. Many more escape any ramifications for overlooking driver misfeasance and malfeasance. All of this underscores the vital role an experienced, committed semi-truck accident lawyer plays in keeping motorists as safe as possible on U.S. roadways. In the final analysis, installing technology doesn’t relieve a trucking company or rig operator of their legal duty to the public.

Legal Rights and Legal Representation by a Semi-Truck Accident Lawyer

Multiple parties potentially can be responsible for a victim’s injuries arising from a big-rig accident. The surest way to protect your legal rights in such a situation is to retain the services of a skilled, experienced semi-truck accident lawyer directly after a collision. Mammoth insurance companies are in business for one reason and one purpose only – to make money for their shareholders. One way they increase profits is to reduce the amount of money paid out to victims of accidents, including semi-truck collisions.

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