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Missouri Amtrak Derailment Called Mass Casualty Event

An Amtrak train experienced a catastrophic derailment early Thursday afternoon which is being classified as a possible mass casualty event. The entire Amtrak train, carrying about 250 passengers, was completely upended in a collision with a cement truck that blocked the railway tracks. The seemingly deadly Missouri Amtrak derailment occurred in the western part of the Show Me state in Chariton County. A mass casualty event typically involves a minimum of six people killed in a single incident like this train collision.

Uncertainty at Missouri Amtrak Derailment Scene

Information about the Missouri Amtrak derailment is scant at this time. What is known is that multiple emergency vehicles, including ground ambulances and life-flight helicopters have been arriving at the scene.

Search and rescue operations are now underway. It is clear that some victims of the train and truck collision are being dispatched to area hospitals. With that said, there is no specific information at this time regarding fatalities.

Amtrak Train Packed

One piece of information has come forward in the immediate aftermath of the derailment. Every seat in the train had been sold and were occupied. Indeed, it appears that more tickets than seats may have been sold on the train. According to early reports, people without specific seat assignments were “packed” on the observation deck.

Some Passengers May be Trapped in Cars

Early information from the Missouri Amtrak derailment scene indicates that passengers may be trapped in at least two cars on the overturned train. Specifically, individuals at the scene of the collision and derailment indicate that passengers in the observation and dining cars are trapped inside these portions of the train. It is also possible that passengers are trapped in other cars at this time. The exact number of cars has not been confirmed at this time. Again, every car derailed as a result of the collision with the cement truck.

Investigation Commenced

As search and rescue operations continue, the investigation into the cause of the derailment is underway already. As was mentioned earlier, the immediate cause of the derailment is the collision between the train and the truck. Having said that, investigators will be looking for other potentially contributing factors. One issue to be addressed is whether or not the train was carrying too many passengers at the time of the seemingly fatal derailment.

Your Legal Rights After the Missouri Amtrak Derailment

If you’ve been injured in the Missouri Amtrak derailment, the legal team at The Doan Law Firm is here for you. Likewise, if you’ve lost a family member in this tragic event, our Missouri Amtrak derailment lawyer team is here to explain your legal rights during this difficult time.

We are a nationwide law firm with offices located across the country. We can arrange an initial consultation with an experienced, compassionate Missouri Amtrak derailment accident attorney at our offices, at your home, in Missouri, or any location that works for you. A virtual case evaluation can be scheduled for you with a committed, caring Doan Law Firm Missouri Amtrak derailment lawyer. There is no fee for an initial consultation with a our firm.

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The Doan Law Firm is monitoring the Missouri Amtrak collision catastrophe. We will provide additional information about the derailment as necessary.

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