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Meat Loaf Files Lawsuit Claiming Permanent Injuries after Fall at Dallas Area Hotel

Meat Loaf Files Lawsuit Claiming Permanent Injuries after Fall at Dallas Area Hotel

According to iconic singer Meat Loaf, he no longer can move like a “bat out of hell.” Indeed, if Meat Loaf is to be believed, he can’t even sing following a mishap at a Dallas Hotel in which he fell off a stage at the Hyatt Regency DFW Airport during a question and answer session at the Texas Frightmare Weekend in May 2019.

Meat Loaf is the stage name for 72-year old Michael Lee Aday. According to the singer, he suffered serious and seemingly permanent injuries to his neck, collarbone, and shoulder when he fell of the Hyatt stage during the event. He spent 42 days in the hospital following the accident and currently is undergoing rehab. He has not been able to perform since the incident, singing being something he has done for four decades.

In his lawsuit against Hyatt, Meat Loaf claims that the hotelier “failed to do their job to provide a safe environment.” Meat Loaf specifically is suing for:

  • Negligence
  • Premises liability
  • Personal injuries

According to the lawsuit, the Hyatt draped a curtain over what was the end of the stage. The manner in which the curtain was draped concealed where the stage actually ended and created what the lawsuit calls a “hidden hazard.” Meat Loaf evidently stepped onto the curtain, believing it to be covering the stage itself. In fact, in making that step, the singer plummeted off the stage, requiring him to be rushed to an area hospital by ambulance.

Facts and Stats about Falls in the United States

Slip and fall accidents account for a tremendous number of injuries in the United States each year. The leading reason why people visit hospital emergency rooms in the U.S. is because of injuries arising from slip and fall accidents. Indeed, an astonishing 8 million hospital emergency room visits occur annually because of a slip and fall accident. Slips and falls are the leading cause of worker’s compensation claims in the country as well.

Bone fractures represent the most common consequence of a fall. Of these types of injuries, hip fractures are the most serious and can lead to pervasive health problems and permanent disability. Indeed, broken hips prove to be fatal for many people each year, particularly for individuals over the age of 75. For people between the ages of 64 to 85, falls are the second leading cause of injury-related death. Falls are the leading cause of injury-related death for men and women over the age of 85.

What is Premises Liability?

Premises liability is the legal term that describes a business owner or manager’s responsibility for certain types of injuries that occur on the premises of that business. A business owner or manager has a legal duty or responsibility to keep property or premises in a reasonably safe condition.

By way of example, if a liquid of some sort is spilled on the floor of a grocery store, there is a legal duty to clean up the spill in a reasonable time. When it comes to a liquid spill in the aisle of a grocery store, reasonable time typically would be defined as immediately. Leaving the spill unattended jeopardizes the safety and well-being of patrons of a grocery store.

Your Legal Rights after a Slip and Fall Accident

If you’ve sustained injuries as the result of a slip and fall accident at work, in a store, at a restaurant, even in someone else’s home, you need to protect your vital legal rights. The first step in protecting your legal interests and obtaining justice when another party is responsible for causing your injuries is to schedule an initial consultation and case evaluation with skilled, experienced slip and fall injury lawyer, like a member of the legal team at The Doan Law Firm. We maintain a personal injury hotline at (800) 349-0000 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, including all major holidays.

A nationwide law practice, an appointment with a slip and fall injury lawyer can be scheduled at any one of our offices from coast to coast. In addition, you can schedule a virtual appointment online.

The Doan Law Firm makes an attorney fee promise to you. We never charge an attorney fee unless we win for you.

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