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Detecting Nursing Home Abuse

If you and your elderly loved one decided that residence in a nursing home would be best to meet the needs of your elder, then you likely expected that the care demonstrated to them would be nothing short of top-notch. Unfortunately, for some residents of nursing care facilities, some members of the staff have taken to illegal – even abusive – behaviors that are far from the care and attention you may have had in mind when you enrolled them in this type of facility. Nursing home abuse can take shape in many forms, from physical abuse, to sexual abuse, to emotional abuse, to verbal abuse, to financial abuse. However, it is often more difficult to identify any of these types of abuse, as many elders are threatened or diminished to the point of not expressing the abusive behaviors that are being done to them by the staff they are supposed to trust. In these cases, it will be up to you (as an outsider looking in) to determine if abuse is occurring and then take action to prevent it from continuing.

In general, there are certain signs that you should always be on the lookout for if you suspect that abuse is going on in the nursing home in which your loved one currently resides. Physical symptoms are usually the most easy to identify, and these include new bruises, open cuts/ wounds, and broken bones. Unfortunately, other forms of abuse may be more difficult to identify. Emotional, sexual, and verbal abuses are often easier to hide or keep secret. Therefore, you should be extra vigilant in looking for signs of these types of malpractice. If you notice a change in the personality of your elder, perhaps withdrawal or fear, it is not unlikely that this could be a result of threats, diminishing remarks, and other verbal or emotional abuses that could diminish a person’s typical demeanor.

The signs and symptoms described above are only very general depictions of a problem that is wide in scope. That being said, it is not unlikely that other indicators of abuse could exist. In these instances, you should rely on your instinct to identify signs that seem unnatural to you. The most important step to take if you suspect elder abuse of any sort is to obtain legal representation such as that which can be found in a Houston personal injury lawyer from The Doan Law Firm, P.C. Under the support and guidance of an attorney from the firm, you can rest more easily knowing that the right steps are being taken to address the wrongs that your elderly loved on is currently being made to endure within their nursing home facility. Contact a Houston nursing home abuse attorney from The Doan Law Firm, P.C. for more information about this serious problem.

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