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Woman Given Tragic Advice on 911 Call

An Ohio woman drowned last month when information she was given from the 911 operator after floodwaters swept her Volkswagen Beetle into an Ohio creek kept her in the car instead of trying to save herself by getting out of the submerged vehicle.

The woman, Lisa Roswell of Norwalk drowned February 28 of this year after she called 911 for help. On the recording of the call, the Norwalk police 911 dispatcher told Roswell to stay in her sinking car.

Although there is conflicting evidence to suggest that perhaps staying in the car may have been the best advice – since the floodwaters on South Norwalk Road were too cold and the current was too strong to instruct Lisa Roswell to get out of her car when it became submerged – the result of her staying inside the car almost certainly affected her drowning.

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