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Two Workers Killed at Pasadena Chemical Plant

Two Workers Killed at Pasadena Chemical Plant

Two Workers Killed at Pasadena Chemical Plant

Two employees of Quala, a bulk container cleaning company, are dead after a middle of the night incident on December 28, 2019. The incident occurred after midnight on the grounds of what is being described by officials as a Pasadena chemical transportation plant, located in Harris County.

A considerable amount of confusion surrounds the incident at this time. What is known is that an employee at the site of the Pasadena chemical plant entered into a chemical transport tank typically carried by an 18-wheeler. Evidently the tank had just been used to transport a potentially hazardous chemical of some type and was slated for cleaning.

The worker assigned to the cleaning task entered into the enclosed tank sometime between midnight and 1:00 a.m. After some time passed, a second worker entered into the tank to “check on” the first employee. Neither of these yet-to-be-identified workers wore gasmasks despite the fact that the tank apparently was recently used to transport hazardous chemicals and irrespective of the reality that potentially dangerous cleaning solvents or solutions were to be used in this tightly enclosed space.

Ultimately, when the first two workers failed to reappear from the interior of the tank, a third employee wearing a suitable gasmask entered the unit. The third worker discovered the bodies of other two employees.

Other facts surrounding the deaths and the incident overall remain rather murky. As noted, reports at this time are that the trio of workers entered the tank after midnight and evidently before about 1:00 a.m. Initial reports indicate that “the incident occurred at 1:15 a.m.,” suggesting the deaths were discovered by that time. Nevertheless, sheriff’s deputies were not dispatched to the scene until 7:00 a.m.

A Look at Quala Cleaner Company and It’s Worker Safety Protocols

Quala Cleaner Company describes itself as being “North America’s largest independent network of tank cleaning, maintenance, and industrial services offering comprehensive inspections, testing, and repairs for the chemical, food, and transportation industries.” Quala Cleaner Company states that it services a variety of different types of bulk containers, including tank trailers of the type that evidently was being cleaned in the middle of the night when the pair of deaths occurred.

Quala Cleaner Company contends that it understands what is required to maintain a safe work environment for its workers. The company advises at its website that it utilizes “efficient processes and a safe work environment (that allows) our employees to remain safe and efficacious.”

As noted, the pair of deaths at the Pasadena chemical transportation plant are under formal investigation at this time. What is known, was just discussed, and bears repeating, is that an individual entered into a closed chemical tank without a proper gasmask despite the fact that the tank carried hazardous chemicals and regardless of the reality that the tank was to be cleaned using potentially harmful cleaning solvents. A second person entered the tank without a gasmask. A third worker followed wearing a gasmask only to find the other two men dead. Although Quala Cleaner Company extols the virtues of a maintaining a safe work environment, publicly advises it has established effective safety protocols, early evidence in this incident suggests that the company failed to follow its own safety guidelines.

A company like Quala that operates the Pasadena chemical plant (Pasadena chemical transportation plant) where two men were killed while on duty has a dual obligation to its workers. A Pasadena chemical plant must establish appropriate safety protocols and procedures for its employees. In addition, a chemical plant needs to reasonably ensure that basic safety protocols are implemented and followed once created.

Families of workers who die in accidents like that which occurred at the Pasadena chemical plant have vital legal rights, including to pursue a wrongful death claim. Individuals who are injured in a chemical plant mishap also have important legal rights. A seasoned, committed Pasadena chemical plant accident lawyer from The Doan Law Firm at (832) 835-0000 is available to discuss these important legal rights and provide a professional, thorough case evaluation. There is no charge for an initial consultation with a Doan Law Firm Pasadena chemical plant accident lawyer. Our offices are located conveniently at:

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