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Gender Reveal Explosion Accident Rocks Multiple New Hampshire Communities

Yet again, explosives at a gender reveal event have resulted in considerable destruction. In this instance, family and friends gathered for the announcement of a soon to be born child, an event with a focus on a highly explosive substance known as Tannerite. Someone associated with planning the “big” event purchased 80 pounds of Tannerite, which is available over the counter. When the Tannerite was detonated at the gender reveal, a significant explosion accident ensued that impacted homes and business with a considerably large radius. Fortunately, unlike another recent gender reveal explosion accident that garnered national media attention, no one was killed as a result of this incident.

In the case of the New Hampshire gender reveal explosion accident, those involved in organizing the gathering selected a rock quarry, believing the location would be an ideal place for explosions. Evidently the crew that planned the event believed that no one would be adversely impacted by a huge Tannerite blast if held at the quarry. They were wrong.

The New Hampshire gender reveal explosion accident could be heard and felt in communities for miles around, including across the border into Massachusetts. A yet to be determined number of homes and businesses suffered damage as a result of the New Hampshire gender reveal explosion accident.

The total number of residents and businesses damaged as the result of the New Hampshire gender reveal explosion is not yet known. What is known is that some structures experienced significant damage, including foundation damage that can prove to be costly.

As mentioned, the New Hampshire explosion accident is only the latest in the country associated with a gender reveal event. A 28-year-old father-to-be was killed in February as the result of a New York gender reveal explosion accident. His brother was hospitalized as a result of the deadly blast. In 2019, a grandmother-to-be was killed when shrapnel from an exploding gender reveal device struck her.

Massive wildfires have been traced to gender reveal party explosions as well. A massive wildfire in California’s San Bernardino National Forest started in this manner. A firefighter lost his life battling the blaze.

Another wildfire in Arizona was stated as the result of a Tannerite explosion at a gender reveal party. The wildfire consumed 47,000 acres in the Coronado National Forest and resulted in an estimated $8 million in damages.

When asked why explosives are used at gender reveal events, time and again participants put forth the same response: Explosions at gender reveal events make for compelling social medial posts. In other words, in a growing number of cases, people are losing their live, suffering serious injuries, or experiencing substantial property loss so that gender reveal participants get an image they hope will attract Instagram or Facebook attention.

Back for a moment to the recent New Hampshire gender reveal explosion accident. Tannerite is now manufactured specifically for gender reveal announcement explosions. Tannerite is produces containing either blue or pink chalk powder which is designed to spew out in what is perceived to be a festive manner. The couple expecting a child who were celebrated at the New Hampshire gender reveal evidently are expected a boy. The Tannerite associated chalk powder at the scene of the highly damaging explosion is blue.

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