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Colorado Airbnb Explosion Injures Six Sunday

Six people have been hospitalized as the result of a Colorado Airbnb explosion accident that occurred on Sunday. As of Monday morning, the six injured Coloradoans are listed in stable condition. There were no fatalities in the Colorado Airbnb explosion accident. The explosion occurred in the 5900 block of South Broadway in close proximity to East Orchard Road.

Family Visiting Colorado Rented Home Through Airbnb

There were eight people in the residence at the time of the Colorado Airbnb explosion accident. They were all members of a family in the state on a vacation. Two of the family members evidently escaped injury or sustained only minor injuries that did not require hospitalization.

As of Monday morning, no statement had been issued by Airbnb regarding the explosion and the injuries sustained by the family on vacation. There is no indication as to when Airbnb might issue a statement in regard to the incident that resulted in six hospitalizations.

Cause of Colorado Explosion Accident

A bit of information is already coming forward regarding the cause of the Colorado Airbnb explosion accident. At the heart of what is known is that a natural gas leak existed at a residential property in the city of Littleton prior to the blast.

The cause of the leak is now known at this moment. Having said that, natural gas leaks are quite commonplace and oftentimes deadly in this day and age. These explosions oftentimes are the result of natural gas pipeline ruptures. And these ruptures many times stem from aged infrastructure issues.

Other people who resided on the street where the Airbnb is located indicated that the smelled natural gas prior to the explosion. There is no specific information yet as to the extent of damage to the residence where the Colorado Airbnb explosion occurred. There is no information as of Monday morning regarding whether or not any other homes were damaged as a result of the accident.

Officials Classified Colorado Explosion as Mass Casualty Event

When firefighters arrived at the scene of the blast, the Colorado Airbnb explosion accident was classified as a mass casualty incident. This was the result of the six people who had been injured and in need of hospitalization at the site of the blast. This number meets the threshold for what is considered a mass casualty event in the United States.

South Metro Fire and Rescue, which serves the area in Littleton, Colorado where the explosion occurred, issued a statement summarizing the scene of what that agency classified as a mass casualty event:

SMFR (South Metro Fire and Rescue) medic units transported a total of 6 people to the hospital. All are in stable condition. Firefighters located the fire in the basement of the home and are currently ventilating the structure.

People inside the home reported an explosion before the fire started, knocking out windows from the home.

Investigators were unable to confirm the exact ignition source, but they have confirmed there was a gas leak in the home prior to the explosion and fire.

Legal Rights Following a Colorado Airbnb Explosion Accident

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