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Worker Critically Injured in Kemah Boardwalk Rollercoaster Accident

A worker has been critically injured in a Kemah Boardwalk rollercoaster accident. The man, in his late 50s, fell about 50-feet while working on the wooden rollercoaster known as the Boardwalk Bullet.

The man, whose identity has not been released as of Tuesday evening, was performing maintenance work about halfway up the popular ride. He fell to a platform about halfway between the point at which he was working and the ground. Officials speculate the accident would have been fatal had his fall not been broken by the presence of the platform. With that said, the man nevertheless is listed in critical condition as a result of the Kemah Boardwalk rollercoaster accident.  

The Boardwalk Bullet is located at the Kemah Boardwalk Amusement Park, which is located on the Texas Gulf Coast about 30 miles from Houston. The park is owned and operated by Landry’s, a company owned by Tillman Fertitta. The worker injured in the Kemah Boardwalk rollercoaster accident is not an employee of Landry’s. Rather, he is employed by a contractor that was engaged to perform maintenance on the ride.

Emergency personnel from The Kemah Volunteer Fire Department and the Seabrook Fire Department responded to the scene of the accident. Rescue workers were able to lower the injured worker to ground. They were able to stabilize the man at the scene before he was transported to a local hospital. Officials have reported that the man was able to speak while being transported to the hospital.

No further information about the injured worker’s condition has been made available since he was transported to the medical center from the Kemah Boardwalk. It is not known whether any updates on his condition will be forthcoming today or tomorrow.

Some preliminary information has been released about the state of affairs before the accident. Specifically, officials have noted that the worker was wearing a safety harness at the time of the Kemah Boardwalk rollercoaster accident. What is unclear at this time is whether or not the harness was fastened to the safety line prior to the accident. In other words, investigators are attempting to determine whether the harness was attached and if it was, did a failure of the equipment somehow occur.

Although the investigation into the exact underlying cause of the accident is underway, no information is available in regard to how long that process will take. It is anticipated that multiple agencies will be involved in the investigation.

Information about the circumstances surrounding the Kemah Boardwalk rollercoaster accident is still unfolding. As it does, the legal team at The Doan Law Firm will continue to monitor the situation.

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