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Louisiana Toddler Killed in Mississippi Margaritaville Drowning Accident

What was to be an enjoyable, memorable vacation for a family visiting Margaritaville in Biloxi, Mississippi, became an incomparable catastrophe on Sunday, May 22, 2022. The family was enjoying of the pools at the popular resort when their 2-year-old child became the victim of a drowning accident. The Doan Law Firm drowning accident lawyer team advises that Margarita Resorts have been plagued by incidents that have resulted in injuries to and the deaths of their guests at an alarming rate in the past several years.

The specific circumstances surrounding this Margaritaville drowning accident are not yet known or at haven’t been made public as of this time. With that said, some facts are available regarding the latest Margaritaville drowning accident. These include:

  • There was at least one resort staff person on duty at the pool at the time of the Biloxi, Mississippi Margaritaville drowning accident.
  • As was noted a moment ago, the Margaritaville drowning accident victim is a toddler in this case.
  • The 2-year-old was taken to Merit Hospital,
  • The toddler was declared when the child had reached the medical center.
  • The name of the deceased child has not yet been released to the public.

Early media reports suggested that the resort staff members at the pool at the time of the Mississippi Margaritaville drowning accident were lifeguards. According to the resort itself, this early reporting was erroneous.

Biloxi, Mississippi Margaritaville management advised that the staff members at the pool during the drowning accident were not certified lifeguards. In fact, they were pool attendants. According to the resort, pool attendants have received CPR training. It is unclear whether or not any pool attendant attempted to perform CPR or other lifesaving measures on the toddler.

The Biloxi, Mississippi Margaritaville resort released a statement in the aftermath of the toddler’s death:

The entire Margaritaville family is deeply saddened by this tragic accident. We are heartbroken and our prayers are with the family through this difficult time.

Horrific drowning accidents have become a shockingly regular occurrence at Margaritaville resorts in the past three years:

  • In 2021, a 6-year-old girl lost her life in a drowning accident at the Lake Conroe, Texas Margaritaville Resort.
  • In 2019, a father and son both lost their lives in a drowning accident at Margarita Waterpark at Lanier Islands, Georgia.

In all three drowning accident incidents, Margaritaville had a legal responsibility to its resort or waterpark guests. Margaritaville has a legal duty to keep its facilities, including pools and other reasonably safe condition.

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Our Margaritaville drowning accident lawyer team is committed to fight tirelessly for justice, accountability, and the compensation you deserve in your case. We fight to win and to win big for you.

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