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Two-Year-Old Child Dies in Cypress Pool Drowning Accident

Tragedy struck the Cypress, Texas, Windhaven Subdivision Tuesday when a child was found unresponsive in a pool. According to the Cy-Fair Fire Department, the child was discovered in the water by an individual described as a pool maintenance worker. Upon the discovery of two-year-old victim of the Cypress pool drowning accident, the toddler was transported to Texas Children’s Hospital.

According to officials, a 911 call came in at 2:37 Tuesday afternoon. When EMS arrived at the scene, rescue personnel immediately began performing CPR on the young child. EMS continued CPR until the hospital transport arrived at the scene.

Following the 911 telephone call seeking emergency assistance, the Cy-Fair Fire Department tweeted a brief statement on the situation:

Crews from Cy-Fair Station 11 are transporting a child from the Windhaven Subdivision to Texas Children’s Hospital West who was found unresponsive by a pool maintenance worker. Our prayers are going out for the child’s recovery and for the crews on scene and at the hospital.

Unfortunately, when the toddler arrived at Texas Children’s Hospital, the child was pronounced dead. The name of the child has not been released to the public. The deceased youngster has been identified as a boy.

As of the present time, there is no information available as to how the two-year-old ended up in the pool in the first place. Evidently, the child was unattended and there was no one at the pool at the time the youngster arrived at the scene and somehow entered the water.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office is now leading the investigation into the Cyprus county child drowning accident case. Specifically, the HCSO Crimes Against Children team is investigation how this tragic situation developed in the first place.

With the death of the child in the Cyprus pool drowning accident, a total of 15 children have drowned in Texas so far in 2022. Harris County outpaces all other counties in the state with three child drowning fatalities as of May 11. Statewide, the location of the 15 child drowning deaths breaks down as follows:

  • Eight children lost their lives in residential pool drowning accidents
  • Two children died in bathtub drowning accidents
  • Two children lost lives in pond drowning accidents.
  • One child drowned in a creek
  • One child died by drowning in a bucket
  • One child died in a hotel or motel pool drowning accident

Nine of the fatal Texas child drowning accident victims have been identified as being male. On the other hand, six of the victims appear to have been girls. Overall, the fatality rate among boys always outpaces girls in Texas and across the country.

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