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Woman Killed in Hotel Parking Lot: Forklift Crushes Woman

A 62-year-old woman lost her life in a horrific accident in a hotel parking lot in Daytona Beach Shores, Florida. The woman has not yet been identified by officials, pending notification of her family. The woman was crossing the parking lot at the Beach Haven Inn when she was run over by a forklift.

According to a witness, the forklift operator could not see the pedestrian because he was carrying a large, perhaps even oversized, load of building materials. The driver was working with a crew that was repairing the roof of the property that had been damaged as a result of Hurricane Ian.  

The witness went on further to advise that the driver drove over the woman. The witness said that she called for the driver to stop after he ran over the parking lot pedestrian. The witness explained that rather than only coming to a complete stop, the forklift operator backed up, apparently rolling over the woman once again.

Forklift Operator Carrying Two Loads

Evidently what was described as a large load by the previously mentioned witness was in fact a double load that the operator had placed on the forklift. According to officials:

The driver has told us that he was looking between the two loads. There was a small space between the two loads. That he was looking there and never saw the pedestrian. The driver backed up and most likely ran over her again.

Hotel Forklift Accident Victim Rushed to Hospital

Following the hotel forklift accident, the victim was transported to Halifax Health Medical Center. She died a short time following her arrival at the hospital. The death has been ruled as being an industrial accident.

Victim was Hotel Guest

The victim of the Florida hotel forklift accident was said to be scheduled to marry her fiancé sometime in March. She evidently had been dating her fiancé for over 20 years.

Investigation Into Florida Hotel Forklift Accident Death Underway

A comprehensive investigation is now underway in regard to the fatal hotel forklift accident. The investigation includes local and state authorities. In addition, the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, is also participating in the investigation. No specific time frame has been released for how long the investigation will take.

Basic Facts You Need to Know About Fatal Hotel Accidents

Every year, thousands of guests suffer fatal accidents or injuries while staying at hotels around the world. Unfortunate incidents such as falls, drowning, electrocution, and poisoning often lead to death or permanent disability. Such fatalities can be attributed to a variety of factors including poor safety protocols and inadequate maintenance by hotel staff.

One of the most common causes of fatal hotel accidents involving guests is falling from balconies or windows. These dangerous situations can be caused by carelessness on the part of the guest or due to unsafe design features such as loose railings, inadequate security systems, or lack of adequate warning signs about potential risks.

Poor maintenance and negligent behavior by hotel staff can also cause fatal accidents involving guests. For instance, insufficient fire safety protocols may result in smoke inhalation deaths due to a lack of immediate evacuation procedures and/or failure to sound an alarm in case of fire emergencies. In addition, unsafe electrical wiring and equipment may lead to electrocution deaths in some cases if not regularly checked for any faults.

Other possible causes of fatal accidents that involve guests at hotels include slips and falls due to wet surfaces, improper lighting conditions and uneven walkways which can make even simple steps hazardous; food poisoning caused by expired or contaminated items served at restaurants; suffocation resulting from blocked air vents; and chemical poisoning caused by hazardous substances used in cleaning materials that are not disposed properly by housekeeping staff members.

Your Legal Rights After a Hotel Accident

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