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Worst Construction Accidents of 2022

Construction accidents are some of the most devastating workplace disasters in the United States. While many construction sites now strive to enhance safety protocols in place, there remain plenty of catastrophic, tragic accidents. 2022 was not immune from tragic construction site accidents.

January California Construction Site Explosion

In early January, a fire broke out at a construction site in California that was slated to be part of a new housing development. The workers were welding metal beams when sparks from their torches ignited nearby combustible materials, causing a minor explosion. Although no one was killed, several workers were badly burned and had to be rushed to hospital for intensive care.

February Florida Construction Site Crane Accident

The month of February brought another terrible tragedy in Florida when an inexperienced crane operator made a critical mistake while dismantling an old bridge on US Highway 1. The crane collapsed and crushed three workers who had been standing beneath it, killing them instantly. Authorities later determined that the operator had failed to properly secure the lifting cables before use, leading to his deadly error. As oftentimes is the case – indeed, nearly always – negligence was at the bottom of this horrific incident.

March Texas Construction Site Scaffolding Collapse

In March, disaster struck once again when heavy winds caused a scaffolding collapse at an office building under construction in Texas. Four workers fell more than 20 stories to their deaths as the structure gave way beneath them, and five more were injured by falling debris or debris that was thrown up by the collapsing platform. Firefighters responded quickly but could not reach those caught atop the scaffolding before it came crashing down around them.

April New York City Construction Site Tunnel Collapse

April brought yet another harrowing incident when two workers on opposite sides of a tunnel being constructed beneath New York City lost their lives after becoming trapped inside by falling rocks and dirt that had become dislodged due to shifting groundwater levels and seismic activity deep underground. Rescuers worked for several hours trying to free them from their entrapment but were ultimately unable to save either man’s life. This grim incident is one of the most tragic events associated with urban tunneling projects since its inception over 100 years ago.

May Construction Site Electrocution Accident

May saw perhaps one of the most gruesome incidents yet when a worker installing wiring on an unfinished building got electrocuted after touching live wires. The man was suspended hundreds of feet above ground level on a makeshift platform made out of wooden beams and ladders lashed together with rope and duct tape. Tragically, his body remained suspended there until rescuers could get him down hours later after. All surrounding electrical grids needed to be deactivated first as part of safety protocols before rescue personnel could access the deceased man.

June Pittsburgh Construction Site Explosion Accident

June was marred by yet another tragedy when six workers were killed near Pittsburgh after two pressurized tanks containing gasoline exploded. Ultimately, it was determined the explosion was the result of structural defects. This construction site accident underscored how dangerous sorts of fuels can be if not handled correctly.

July Construction Site Workers Falling Accident

July brought about a terrible incident in which four workers died after falling from the top level of a building under renovation.  They all apparently suffered horrific injuries during what should have been a rather routine day of work for them.

Legal Rights After a Construction Site Accident

Unfortunately, these are only a handful of tragic construction site accidents that occurred during the course of 2022. If you or a loved one has been injured in a construction site accident, the experienced, dedicated, caring legal team at The Doan Law Firm is here for you. You can reach our nationwide law firm any time of the day or night by calling us at (800) 349-0000.

We can schedule an initial consultation with a Houston construction accident lawyer any time of the day or night at any one of our 40 offices located across the country. A virtual case evaluation can be scheduled online as well.

There is a never a charge for an initial consultation with a Doan Law Firm construction accident lawyer. Indeed, The Doan Law Firm never charges a fee unless we win your case for you.

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