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Common Causes of Residential Building Explosions

An explosion inside of a residential building often leads to extensive injuries and property damage. There are many ways explosions can occur inside of a home, but often, these incidents happen due to the negligent actions of a company, entity, or individual. If an explosion occurs due to someone’s negligent actions, a personal injury attorney in Houston may be able to help.

How These Incidents Happen

Not every cause of residential building explosions is listed here, but these do cover the most likely culprits:

  • Gas leaks. One of the primary causes of explosions in residential buildings is gas leaks. Whether from gas cylinders or direct gas lines, a leak can lead to catastrophic outcomes, especially if the space lacks proper ventilation. Ensuring regular checks and maintenance of gas lines and cylinders is vital for safety.
  • Faulty gas appliances. Gas appliances like stoves, heaters, and ovens can malfunction, leading to gas leaks. It’s essential to connect these appliances properly to gas lines and replace expired gas cylinders to prevent leaks that could cause explosions.
  • Poor maintenance of gas equipment. The condition of gas lines and cylinders can deteriorate over time, leading to leaks if they become corroded. Regular inspections by qualified technicians can help detect and address these issues early on.
  • Improper installation. Incorrect installation of gas units can lead to gas leaks. It’s crucial to have gas appliances installed by professionals to ensure they’re connected correctly and safely.
  • Faulty connections. Gas leaks in residential buildings are often caused by defective connections in the gas pipeline. Such leaks can lead to explosions when gas accumulates and is ignited by a spark or flame.
  • Natural disasters. Events like tornados, earthquakes, immense deep freezes, or floods can damage gas lines or cylinders, leading to leaks and potential explosions.
  • Electrical sparks. Faulty electrical circuits or switches can produce sparks that ignite accumulated gas, leading to explosions. It is crucial to address any signs of electrical issues promptly.
  • Lack of ventilation. Proper ventilation can significantly reduce the risk of gas explosions. It’s advised to place gas equipment near windows or in open spaces to ensure good airflow.

If you believe that you have experienced an explosion in your home caused by the negligent actions of another individual, entity, or company, we encourage you to document everything. Raise your concerns with an experienced attorney immediately, and keep any photographs, video surveillance footage, and statements from eyewitnesses you obtain.

Can an Attorney Help After an Explosion Occurs?

You may be able to recover compensation for explosion injuries if the explosion was caused by the negligent actions of another party. We encourage you to reach out to an attorney with experience handling complex explosion claims in Texas. Your lawyer can examine the facts of your case and help guide you toward the best path for recovering compensation.

Securing compensation after a home explosion involves showing that there was another party responsible for causing the incident in the first place. This is where an attorney will be immensely beneficial. Your lawyer will handle every aspect of investigating the claim on your behalf to uncover not only the cause of the explosion but which other parties could possibly hold liability for the incident.

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