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Texas Driving Safety Tips for the Fall

We may be under a historic heat wave right now, but the Fall is right around the corner. Every season comes with different types of driving environments, and we want you to be safe all year round. Here, we want to examine some driving safety tips Texas drivers should review before Fall rolls around – it’s almost here. Seasonal changes require some driver changes, so our Houston car accident lawyer examines what the Fall weather means for us.

Watch for Slippery Conditions

When you think of slippery driving conditions, you probably think of ice. Admittedly, this is only a problem for Texas in rather extreme conditions, but the roads can still be slippery in the Fall.

As leaves fall to the ground, they also create slippery driving conditions, particularly when a person is braking or going around corners. We recommend avoiding braking on leaves if possible to prevent sliding and losing control of the car. The rains in Fall can also lead to slippery conditions, as can any mixture of water, oil, dirt, and leaves.

Be Aware of Sun Glare

If you have ever been temporarily blinded by glare from windows or mirrors when driving, then you have probably experienced sun glare. When the sun rises later and sets earlier, sun glare becomes more of an issue for drivers in Texas. When the sun aligns with the horizon this time of year, driving east to West on the roadways can be challenging. We recommend getting a good pair of sunglasses for you to use when driving during this time frame.

Get Ready for Darkness

As the days get shorter when Fall approaches, darkness will set in earlier each day, which can make driving conditions more difficult. According to the National Safety Council, even though only 25% of driving occurs at night, 50% of all traffic deaths occur after darkness falls. The NSC says that older drivers (50 and up) typically need double the amount of light to see as well as a 30-year-old driver, and those over 60 experience a decreased ability to clearly read road signs or judge speed and distance from other vehicles.

Watch for Animals

Did you know that individuals were more likely to hit a deer when driving during the late Fall? This is when deer are more likely to mate, so they are more active and moving around during this time of year. When operating a vehicle through a wooded area where deer are likely to be, drivers should remain alert and watch both sides of the road carefully for any deer activity.

Check Your Vehicle

Vehicle maintenance matters. As temperatures go down, drivers should check the air pressure in their tires. Tires lose pressure as the temperature goes down, so we recommend individuals check the pressure and fill their tires to the recommended PSI to avoid any roadway mishaps. Additionally, this is a good time of year to replace any wiper blades if they are performing poorly or older. Cleaning the windows can help lessen the effect of sun glare, which we mentioned above.

Please also check your vehicle’s headlights and tail lights, as driving in the dark may become more common during the Fall months.

Be Mindful of Kids

As the weather cools down a bit, kids will be more likely to come out and play near the roadways. Please take extra caution on the roadways where you expect kids to be. If you see any running around, slow down and proceed cautiously.

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