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Warning Signs of a Gas Leak

Indoor gas leaks can lead to significant health effects and major structural damage if left unchecked. Both natural gas and propane are flammable, and they can cause explosions under the right conditions. Here, we want to briefly review the main warning signs that you could have a gas leak inside your home. If you suspect you have a gas leak, immediately leave the premises and contact emergency authorities. Should an incident occur, an explosion accident attorney may be able to assist you and your loved ones.

If You Notice These Signs, Call Emergency Services

At least 21 people sustained injuries after a gas explosion slammed through the lower floors of a hotel and downtown Fort Worth in early January 2024. A spokesperson for the Fort Worth fire department said that multiple calls came in about the explosion, and the smell of gas permeated throughout downtown Fort Worth, leading investigators to believe that the blast was some kind of gas explosion.

Indeed, the smell of gas is one of the main signs that there is a gas leak somewhere in the vicinity, but that is not the only sign. As we go through this list, please understand the importance of calling 911 if you suspect a gas leak so emergency personnel can come investigate.

  1. Rotten Egg or Sulfur Smell. Natural gas is odorless, so a substance called mercaptan is added to give it a distinctive smell for safety reasons. If you notice this smell, it’s a strong indicator of a gas leak.
  2. Hissing Sound. Hearing a hissing or whistling sound near gas lines or appliances can indicate gas escaping from its containment.
  3. Visible Bubbles in Water. Applying soapy water to gas connection points that bubble up can reveal leaks.
  4. Physical Symptoms. Feeling light-headed, dizzy, or experiencing headaches can occur if a gas leak is displacing oxygen in the room.
  5. Dead Vegetation. Outside, if plants or grass suddenly die or discolor in an area where they previously thrived, it could indicate a gas leak in an underground pipe.
  6. Dust or Dirt Blowing. If you see dust or dirt being blown into the air without a clear cause, it could be gas escaping from a leak underground.

What Are Some Physical Symptoms of Gas Exposure?

Sometimes individuals will begin to experience symptoms of gas exposure before they know there is a gas leak. Some of the main symptoms you should be aware of that could indicate a gas leak include:

  • Trouble breathing
  • Dizziness or feeling lightheaded
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue or drowsiness
  • Flu-like symptoms
  • Nausea
  • Chest pain
  • Mood changes
  • Irritation to the throat or eyes

You should watch your pets’ behavior as well. Just like you can experience symptoms of gas exposure, so can they. You know how your dog, cat, or other pet typically acts, so if something is out of the ordinary, act quickly. Pets can experience the same types of symptoms as humans if they are exposed to gas inside the home.

Recovering Compensation for Damages

In the event a gas leak was caused by the careless or negligent actions of another individual, company, or utility entity, victims may be able to recover compensation for their losses. If there were any medical bills, property damage expenses, lost wages, or other losses relating to the gas leak, we encourage you to contact an attorney as soon as possible.

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