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Who’s Liable for an Apartment Fire in Texas?

Fires that break out in apartment complexes often result in significant property damage, and they can also cause injuries and loss of life. It is important for victims in these situations to understand who can be held liable for the apartment fire. Here, we want to examine some of the possible liable parties in these situations, as well as whether or not you need a Houston burn injury attorney if you have been affected by an apartment fire in Texas.

Firefighters Battling an Apartment Fire in Texas

Can the Landlord be Held Liable for an Apartment Fire?

Landlords could certainly hold liability in the event an apartment fire causes injuries or property damage. Every landlord is responsible for maintaining the premises to ensure the safety of the tenants. These safety measures are outlined in lease agreements and are also typically required by law. Some of the fire prevention measures required of tenants include providing access to a fire extinguisher, ensuring fire alarms are regularly inspected, and keeping the building up to proper code.

Landlords are also responsible for ensuring the maintenance of the apartment building and making sure basic safety measures are in place. Some of the most common safety issues that could lead to an apartment fire include:

  • Damaged gas lines
  • Faulty wiring
  • Failing to maintain or repair areas of the building
  • Lack of fire safety prevention or extinguishing measures
  • Blocked emergency exits

Landlords could be held responsible for allowing conditions to arise that start a fire or for allowing conditions that prevent others from extinguishing the fire or escaping hazardous conditions. In order to adequately establish landlord liability, there will need to be proof that the landlord was negligent. 

In these situations, holding the landlord responsible begins with showing that the landlord had control over the specific safety measures or situation that led to the fire injuries or property damage. If the landlord had control over the issues and had knowledge of a potentially dangerous situation, and if they failed to remedy the situation, they could be held responsible for the Internet.

Can Other Parties be Held Liable for an Apartment Fire?

There could be other parties responsible for causing an apartment fire and for paying compensation to those harmed. In the event a neighbor was negligent and caused the fire, they may have insurance that could pay for damages or injuries that occur to others. However, not all renters carry insurance, and it may not be an option to pursue compensation from a neighbor if they called the fire.

There could be other parties responsible as well. Perhaps a fire started in a nearby community and spread to the apartment. Other fires can be caused by individuals, companies, or even government entity negligence. Sometimes, utility companies are responsible for causing department fires.

It is crucial for a skilled premises liability attorney in Houston to step in and investigate the incident. There may be multiple parties responsible for causing an apartment fire, and this will need to be thoroughly investigated so that the attorney can pursue compensation on behalf of their client.

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